Kilgore achievements?

Should be up today. Prototype robots have trouble with em, it turns out!


What’s his gameplay achievement?

Like Glacius’ armor or Imsomniac for Eyedol, what does Kilgore has?

He is surely a buggy prototype!

Ultra 64
Hit the opponent with 64 Chain Gun bullets while in Instinct mode


Love the nod to the nintendo 64. You are the best!

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I’m in the UK and still don’t have em :confused:

Oh my god, 10 bucks and the guy not have achievements. Not sure if just troll or not.

He has achievements, but due some bug they are not showing. Today will be fixed

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Its nearly midnight here… am just being impatient i guess

Anyway, there are actually achievements, so even if they come later, they are there

They aren’t out yet. I’m hearing later in the day.

Nothing yet on my end.

@BlitzedKraig Will they count retroactively?

Has anyone got these yet…?


They went live around 9-10 PST. Can you guys see em?

@BlitzedKraig, some people are having issues to enter the game:

Any idea about what could be happening?

Not for me in the UK. It’s nearly 3pm here

I know you guys will be working hard, but just to keep you informed it’s 7pm in the U.K. and the achievements aren’t live here still.

I just checked the xbox app and they are now populating for me. Hopefully they are showing up on your system now.

Yes they are!