KICK-STARTER KI? What would u commit to? (poll)

E3 has come and gone and low and behold one of the biggest PS4 exclusives Shemue was demoed as a Kick Starter project funded mostly by fans. Yes some of us are in the mind set that MS should pick up the bill for everything but in the real world thats not how its going to happen.

Knowing what we know about KI being a slightly more Indi title would you be willing to Kick Starter a few more improvements?

This isnt a new concept Kick Starts are becoming more and more popular. We know MS and IG has the core KI game play and experience covered but these glorified high quality fan extras could be funded in other ways. Yes we had a fundraiser for Shadow Jago and the prize poo for competitions before but would you like to see more stretch goals?

How willing are you invest in KI?

Bellow are some options that have come up over the past two years please base them on a (very decent) contribution from your wallet. Remember you have to PAY for this, its not just what you would like its what you would heavily fund as a extra to the core KI experience:

Ultimates For All Characters

[poll name=ultimates]

  • No: i dont want to fund Extras.
  • Yes: Extras like this make KI feel more KI

Alternative Ultras

[poll name=ultras]

  • No: i dont want to fund Extras
  • Yes: id love to back KI & to see more Extras

Animation Improvements / Adjustments

[poll name=Annimation]

  • No: i dont want to fund Extras
  • Yes: id love to back KI & to see more Extras

Omen To Be A Real Boy

[poll name=Omen]

  • No: Hes ok as he is
  • Yes: id love to see him refined with his own animations and more visual effects

Story Mode for season 1.

[poll name=Story]

  • No: it doesnt matter to me at all
  • Yes: id love to see KIs1 Endings like KIs2

Classic Back Grounds from KI1

[poll name=Ki1B]

  • No: i dont want to fund Extras
  • Yes: id love to back KI & to see more Extras like this

Classic Back Grounds from KI2

[poll name=Ki2B]

  • No: i dont want to fund Extras
  • Yes: id love to back KI & to see more Extras like this

Reworked Season 1 Classics and Classic Accessorise

[poll name=retros]

  • No: retros? who cares?
  • Yes: a better Fulgore retro!? YES!

I’d fund a kickstarter for expansion to Practice/Training Modes in general. A lot could be done to improve and/or streamline the practice experience.


I’d probably only fund to help streamline the experience of KI. Not too much as adding stuff, because I trust IG & MS that they will give us as much as they can Reasonably.

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to streamline how?

its not really about trust or about IG giving as much as they possibly can we know we get more than we ask for.

BUT we wouldn’t have had the prize pools and shadow jago without simular donation system.

We know there is work to be done on both seasons tidying up etc and this could be a way to fine tune that unessential content. :relaxed:

Id pay mega bucks to get more from KI

A dojo for every character. Take my money.

I love omen but he needs to be as robust as the rest of the cast. It’s no secret he’s lacking a few things that illustrate his character. Best taunt in the game though!

Revamp of classic costumes not completely necessary but I would like that yes. Also take my money.


Fixing up Omen, Ultimates and classic stages are on my wishlist for sure.

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I think there’d be better ways of getting new things besides a straight up KickStarter. Things like the Shadow Jago/Tournament fund are a good example of the way I think things could be done.
As far as extra goodies, I think all of these would be somewhat worthy of money. Mainly though, “Real Boy” Omen (even just more accessories/colors for the poor fella) KI1/2 stages, improvements to practice mode (including KI2 music/art and dojo for everyone) would be my vote.

I have never been fond of Kick-Starters. I mean in this scenario, Microsoft has already funded KI with another season, with that I would assume they could work in all the details listed above. A kick-starter would be more for tournaments and just being able to reach to the community in person and advertise more I suppose. Generally, it is done when there is a lack of funding and the chances of them going under is possible. I don’t find that likely with SFV coming out and knowing Microsoft they want to compete with something soooo yeah.

looks like every one will give money to help KI… that nice i remenber phil spencer say that will give more money to support KI to make it better and competitve to Street fighter V once Sony retain the exclusivity of the game .

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Its nice to see people willing to pay for more we have to understabd here that IG can only do so much and if we want me we have to give more.

Would we also be happy to buy retro stages and ultimates as seperate DLC packs? Likw costume packs in doa?

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Absolutely not, MS make over $200 million in annual profits a year that’s more than enough to pay people to make the content. If MS care enough (like they say they do) then they will fork the cash themselves.

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I know what you mean. We are lucky MS does care or this game would never exists.

We all know what budgets are . We all know about investments.

These two things as sensible as they are for KI don’t really gel with the communitys passion or hunger for more.

Just like sony has sold 20 plus million ps4s but still see the power in kick stater projects fan cult fan favorites

Sony has been more than willing to throw money at Capcom for its own premier fighting game SFV, I don’t see why MS can’t do the same

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Which goes to show that Microsoft truly don’t give a damn about KI, Despite what they say.

I’m not sure it’s fair to make a blanket statement like that about everyone @ Microsoft, but I do think that some of the Microsoft fat cats aren’t yet convinced of the profitability of fighting games. This is probably why we’re seeing the big budgets poured into FPS, Horror, RPG and Survival games. That being said, I’m sure that there are people in the organization that wish more would be done with the Fighting genre, and I’d venture a guess that KI might be a means to build a compelling case for further budgetary support in the genre.


This remains to be seen. So far the fast in my opnion looks awful. The new characters are nothing short of boring. Iys not as if the roster on day one will be huge?

We all know that xbox isnt the main destination for fighters so why would MS though money at it in the same way? With this is mind the question is would us fans like to contribute more.

Im happy with 3 seasons and in allot of ways im disappointed in capcom. Juri gouken and c viper were really good but aside from that everything new they have designed so far since 4 is crap imo seriously wattered down meh!

I love SF but no amout of money it seems will bring me credible NEW designs like we have in the 90s with SF3.


Meh keep your budget capcom its not brining me anything new that i love.

Considering im harcore KI fan from day one and my favs now are maya kanra hisako aria sadira and orchid i think DH and IG didnt need anymore budget to produce new characters that i love.

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Thanks for the votes guys! Ill put these into graphs tomorrow