KI + Xbox One X Enhanced =?

Hi fellow Xbox One X early adopters!

According to the official preorder website’s FAQ section, here’s what they note about the term Xbox One X Enhanced:

What does Xbox One X Enhanced mean when I see it on a game?

If a game has the Xbox One X Enhanced icon, this means developers have worked to improve an existing title, or have implemented the most recent developer tools to take full advantage of the power of Xbox One X.

In addition to calling out which games are Xbox One X Enhanced, we’ll also be indicating which games will play at 4K Ultra HD and with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR).

4K Ultra HD: 4K Ultra HD games must achieve a 2160p frame buffer output via native 4K or using advanced rendering techniques such as checkerboarding or dynamic resolution scaling.

HDR: HDR Games support the HDR10 standard

Xbox One X Enhanced: A developer had done special work to take advantage of 6 teraflops of power in Xbox One X. Enhanced features will vary by game.”

Ok, so the Xbox One X update that’s coming out on the 7th will feature 4K Ultra HD visuals and HDR (high dynamic range), but what special work will longtime Killer Instinct players see that makes our favorite fighting game a “Xbox One X Enhanced” title?

There’s only a few weeks left until the new upgraded console releases, and I’d REALLY like to know what I can expect from the @developers when I boot up KI for the first time on my Xbox One X. Pretty please share some info on the update?

Thanks a bunch, and totally looking forward to the Xbox One X! :green_heart:


Yeah im about to get a 4k tv and am on the fence about takiing the plunge for the one x. Little bit of info before release would be awesome so i can plan things out. Kinda wanna see if its worth trading in the day one and paying the xtra dough or if im better off just keeping it.

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There’s nothing extra. They’ve already shown off the game running on xbonex and it was just the resolution bump and faster load times.

I’m getting an Xbox One X and I’m gonna wait and see what kind of deal I can get on a Black Friday deal for a 4k TV, hopefully no less than 60" and HDR enabled. I wanna get in on 4K KI.


Sorta! :nerd_face: Yes, they’ve shown off how the game plays on the Xbox One X, which includes the 4K Ultra HD & HDR assets, but according to the Xbox website, those are only two out of three parts, and the third is:

Xbox One X Enhanced: A developer had done special work to take advantage of 6 teraflops of power in Xbox One X. Enhanced features will vary by game.

From what I understand, to get a game qualified as a “Xbox One X Enhanced” title, you need to go the extra mile to showcase that your game is taking advantage of the extra power of the console. The KI Crew hasn’t explicitly noted what they’re doing to Killer Instinct, and there’s been plenty of radio silence lately, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Either way, it’d be really cool to get a confirmation about how KI will benefit from playing on the Xbox One X FROM the @developers, kinda like how the crew at The Coalition did for Gears of War 4:

Some clarification, please! :green_heart:


Like the absolute idiot I am, I preordered the One-X and then went and bought a 65" 4k HDR TV. I can tell you KI already looks and plays great on the tv even rendered at 900p.

I will be curious to see if we have the option to run the game at 1080 on Xbox One-X on a 1080 display or even if we can choose to run at lower res on a 4k display in order to improve other things (like load times). There’s a balance here because I don’t want to be playing with a bunch of sliders like in my PC but a few options would be really appreciated.

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I noticed that there is a size difference in the games. I watched a video on the new update, and it showed that some of the games can double in size with the enhanced version. That being said, I feel sorry for the X1X owners. These 4k games are going to suck up the space on a HDD quick. Not to mention the download time is going to be even longer for some people. There are going to be some players that will end up spending the first month just updating their games, or will need to buy am external HDD to fit the games that are already on their current X1.

How nice that will all the new hardware in the X1X that they didn’t put in a decent size drive for storage. It looks like the X1X will cost another $100 on top of the system price so you can have the storage for your 4k games.

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Use the thread on here I created with the link to best 4 ks tvs… trust me…you want to get the right TV

Best 4K TVs is what it should search under

Not necessarily. KI on PC renders in 4K but isn’t larger than KI on Xbox. It’s only when large numbers of 4K textures are inuded that this is an issue. If MS is smart they will move these textures to the back of the queue during digital download to allow people to play the game as early as possible and then swap in the 4k textures when they are downloaded. As far as running out of space, I have had a 4TB HD attached to my Xbox for years now. It’s currently at 75% capacity with 250+ games and demos that I’ve never deleted. So I would save your faux pity for a better occasion.

Edit: my interned will download a 17-20GB game in twenty minutes while my son is playing online and my daughter is in YouTube. So I’m not worried about the length of 4k downloads.

How is you having a 4 TB HDD prove me wrong? That was part of my point, most of these game players will need to buy an external HDD when they buy the system, or shortly after. As far as downloading goes, not everyone lives in areas where they have really good download speed.

Now, my pity was not fake. It is a sincere remark for all the people who will by one this season not knowing that the HDD will fill up really fast if they use 4K games.

I also have tried for months to let things go, but that Faux ■■■■ is the last straw. What is with your constant need to be a condescending known it all? Don’t even try to say you were not being condescending. Faux? Really? You could just be a normal person and say fake? You needed to use a term that is associated with leather being fake?
Incase you are wondering, yes I knew what it meant and did not need to look it up.

What is with your need to “always be right”? I have watched you pull that crap on all sorts of subjects. No matter what it is, you feel the need to always be right. Let me give you some hard truth. No one likes a know it all.

I tried to be nice for the sake of a friend. I just can’t do it anymore. It is not worth it.

I will try to post more things that are wrong in the future in order to meet your approval.

“Faux” is in common usage. You know what it means and so does everyone else. Not sure how I can be accused of intellectual snobbery for using a word that everyone understands…

Feeling pity for people who have Xbox One X consoles because their hard drive is going to fill up fast seems to me to be grasping at straws. To me, it seems like a “those grapes are probably sour anyway,” situation. But you do you.

As far as the rest of it, feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss anything.

why pick a fight and take a shot over comments on HDD space lol

I’m going to wait on the first wave of hardware complications before I make the investment.

You can get a Vizio 4K M series 60” for like $800 I got mine on sale for $600 in march