Ki tournament mode

So I was thinking instead of getting a generic arcade ladder I came up with the ki tournament mode. So how this would work is once you click ki tournament you have 2 options.

Ki tournament
Custom tournament

Instead of an arcade ladder it would be an actual bracket style tournament. Ki tournament would be a random gen 10 person bracket similar to an arcade ladder.
Custom tournament would be more in depth and allow you to make your perfect tournament. When you click custom tournament these would be your options:
Bracket size: 8-29
Characters: classic/retro/custom
Sub boss: yes/no
Tournament boss: yes/no
Spectate all matches: yes/no skippable during the fights
Human players: 0-4
Random seed: yes/no (so you can pick where everyone on the ladder is if you choose.

I think this would be a very refreshing and fun take on arcade ladders.


It would be awesome, if you ask me.

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All these ideas that are brilliant but never get implemented, why @TheKeits why!?

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Perhaps SL is more profitable.

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This would be kind of like what SF4 did with the tournament lobbies, it worked really well then and would be amazing for KI.

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