KI Steam version

Now that we have Halo Wars DE on steam and probably cross play and HW2 soon, how big are the chances for a KI steam version?


Theoretically: Possible.
Actuality: Less likely, but still theoretically possible.

I imagine it would make modding much easier.

I would love to see it coming. WinStore sucks my â– â– â– .

I would be so happy if KI would get released on Steam. I believe this would lower down system requirements.

I will buy it again, for sure. Don’t like the windows store.

I think KI is the only good thing on the Window’s Store.

I don’t think its likely and last year I probably would have just dismissed this idea. The reason it is on the windows store in the first place is to maximize KI’s audience while minimizing the workload on the developers. Because it is UWP, patches and updates can be pushed out to Xbox and Win10 easily. If they make a version for Steam, it might be more work than Microsoft would like to invest in.

HOWEVER… If they ever finish patching the game, they have absolutely nothing to lose to bring it over to Steam. I can easily imagine the finished product of KI releasing this year and bringing it over to Steam as well. Why? Because I assume that they’re already working a sequel to KI anyway.

Get more sales and gather more positive PR while prepping to release the next KI sequel. Makes sense to me.

I am not a huge fan of the Windows store, although justbecause it is clunky. I have no interest in modding or otherwise hacking my games.

All of my cross buy games (KI, Forza Horizon 3, Gears 4, Enter the Gungeon, Recore) are on Windows store and for the most part once you get them installed and drop a shortcut on the desktop there’s no issue. But I don’t have any great love for the platform.

Having said that, if MS puts all its games in steam they are killing their own platform. Sometimes I don’t know what they are thinking…

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Releasing a Game on Steam doesn’t mean porting to System32… If they sell on Steam the game most probably stays UWP, especially because of crossplay. So no change for modding…

A steam release could push sales a lot, which is only good for KI.