KI Steam version giveaway [Finished]

I don’t know if the mods will remove this post or not, but whatever.

I’ve been enjoying KI since season 1. I loved fighting games all my life but I never got that deep into them until Season 1 released. Learning all the terms, developing Tech and sparring with kind strangers miles away has been great. The best part about KI community is the dialogue between the players and devs were encouraged and helped make KI what it is today. I’ve personally never experienced anything like that with a fighting game until KI.

I planned on buying the the Steam version, but when @rukizzel gave away the beta codes, they let us keep the game even when the beta is finished. It’s a pretty cool reward for being a fanboy all these years.

Anyway, I still got $60 to spend and I want to support the game and the community. So spread the word. If you private message me your Steam Username, region, and a list of your favorite fighting games, I’ll pick ONE OF YOU and I’ll purchase the game as a gift to you.

EDIT: Well it looks like Steam KI is on sale for $30… I guess that means I’ll be gifting two copies.

EDIT2: Well I gift two copies. Congrats to @ADooMMeaR and @Makyurial. This felt good. Have fun!

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As long as no one has to send you any personal information, go right ahead.

Keep in mind everyone, never give away your info online. Not saying that is happening. Just a general PSA from my old man mind.


Also I would like to give this to a new player. Not somebody who’s been playing for years like me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dunno how I can send messages in this forum, but thanks for the giveaway anyways!

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So @ADooMMeaR is the first recipient.

Round of applause.


Thank you so much!
Round of applause for you!


Now all yawl know that I aint messing around. Keep sending DMs… pause

Send you a DM, thanks!!

I’ll be glad to enter but i don’t know how to send a dm on this forum :rofl:

Click on your profile/avatar pic, then click on the little envelope. That’ll take you to the messages page, and then you just click on the “send message” button. :+1:t5:

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Sent you a DM!