KI Sequel Character Wishlist

If there was a sequel someday, what new characters would you all have in mind join the series?

  • Psychic/Clairvoyant - love interest for Jago
  • Merman - survivor of Atlantis hopes Ultratech can revive his/her lost city to the surface again
  • African Night Guard Warrior - prince of a city similar to Wakanda
  • Martial Arts Elder - looks homeless but is a skilled fighter back in his day with the Night Guard. Acts as a mentor to the heroes.
  • Ape - an intelligent ape made by another corporation to rival Ultratech
  • Insect - an alien race of hybrid insects who are enemies to Glacius’ race
  • Detective - a descendant of an ace detective like Sherlock Holmes hunts down a mad scientist
  • Mad Scientist - a scientist who seeks immortality and power of the Philosopher Stone. Works for Ultratech and is hunted down by an ace detective’s descendant for his wicked experiments. He is responsible for leading Project: Cinder.
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