KI Season Two Props and Environments and Runes Question

I came across this on ArtStation:
ArtStation - Killer Instinct: Season Two

For the Necronomicon and the podium, I thought it interesting that it featured runes, so I was curious, has anyone ever tried deciphering the lettering? As far as I can tell, these are the runes used:

I’m not an expert or anything but since runes used to interest me, I tried to translate some words with the basic information. I didn’t really find anything. Most probably, they’re just random letters strung together. I think we would’ve got to know had the text actually meant something.
I used this site bc they’ve got a Norse words dictionary:

I figured as much. I was just kind of wondering if the devs had made an effort in doing something with the runes, like a hidden Easter egg or story elements players might not have noticed, just because those little attention to details can really add to the story or world imo.