KI season 3 trailer debut?

When will we see the launch trailer? Hope its this week. Today? Tomorrow? Somewhere before the launch date!

Please close the thread. There are already others threads about this topic. thanks

Neither MS or IG have announced an official trailer date yet, so we just need to wait and see.

@dsfsdf has a point, though; there are already threads and discussions about this. You have a habit of just creating a thread any time you want to discuss a particular topic, and don’t seem to use the search function at all. I’ve actually seen you create multiple copies of your own thread before.

In this particular case, you posted in the following thread 18 hours ago (as of this current post), so I don’t think you can argue that you did not know other threads on this topic existed already.

Please use the search function or manually look through threads before creating a new thread.