KI season 3 full roster (It's fan made)

This surely has to be bogus right? After all I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the vampire image on the forums somewhere…
It’d be sweet if this was the actual silhouette of the full roster, but I thought I’d filter it through you guys to see if it’s legit or maybe leaking stuff IG wasn’t ready to share yet.

fake…told this dude it was fake, its old and the artist is on this forum…Marco Rizza

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the silhouettes are made by a member of this very forum, Rizza D. Marco. a.k.a. @Ravan86 They are months old.
And the character concepts are made by Zeyol a.k.a @Zeybuccaneer

it’s all fan made.

That’s why the comments are disabled in that video, because everybody would call the BS.

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Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was looking kinda fishy.

…for the record though I would have no issue with that roster…maybe the green arrow knockoff…

This “silhouette” thing gained momentum when Rash was revealed.

When Ravan86 made the silhouette, nobody knew Rash was going to be in the game.

Since he predicted that one correctly, everybody assumed he had insider info, which he didn’t.

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Haha, it’s kinda excellent that someone put together a video about this. I’m kinda curious about at what point the stage concept images got bundled in with this leak – did this guy pick them himself?

Fan made.

Added to title

Carry on!

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I’m pretty sure he realized it was fake, hence the disabled comments. Still, hilarious to see someone think it’s all real though.

Um…thanks?? :confused:

That picture has been confirmed fake for months. No wonder the KI forums still thinks KI 2 is cannon.

loved the gorgon silhouette!!! lol

shadow Orchid is so wrong

It really grinds my gears that he talks about this like it’s actually real. First of all, I saw the original picture last year. Second, wouldn’t IG have put this in a news post and made a big stink about it on Twitter?

I really wish I could comment on the video to tell everyone that it’s fake.

I talked to the guy on youtube and he had no clue but was stilled defending himself as to its a possibility. I was like whatever

i did on youtube, he must have disabled the comments afterwords…everyone was bashing him but some were like…yeah!! whooo! thank you!! lol

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the truth that I had much luck. Much insight and ability to combine ideas that I found on the internet. But this is my old vision of S3, the new one is more taken care of :wink:

I already commented on this video (Other people too) and he always reply with “11:44”

There was some people even saying thing like “Wow man, you are great, not even Maximilian have post this in his channel! Congratulations!”

He disabled the comments now probably because he know that it was all fake :neutral_face:

He told me that too! “Did you even bother to watch the entire video? 11:44!” That’s what he told me basically.

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