Ki season 1 looked very different

How do you know that TJ was started by DH ? Never heard that before. Very interesting if true.


This is true, but I think TJ was in early development when that occurred. He clearly looked unfinished but by the time he was launched after IG took over he looked really detailed and good. I still can’t believe how well they animated TJ’s face and just look at the skin texture on his face. Compared to the deer-in-headlights look he had in the early development. It’s too bad that level of animation didn’t cross-over with KIm & Tusk


Kim and tusk are he two ugliest characters in the game hands down. Their faces need to be re worked. Seriously. I don’t mean to be offensive but in my opinion the ball was dropped on those two. As far as their faces are concerned.


Many people have said this, especially when they were showcased. But even though there was a big blow back, everyone pretends like it is the same 2 people saying it. The way I see it, if there is a resounding amount of people saying the same things - perhaps there should be a review or a good look at what a good amount of people are having issues with. I’m pretty sure @DiGiJUL3S and myself aren’t the only ones who noticed the faces and proportions/animations/movements looked off. But as I said earlier, 1 KI defender always beats 50 KI fans with the same issue and that isn’t right. All the while IG ignore what we are saying as though we are visually impaired.


Very true. I just don’t see how they are being kept at the state they are in. I have a feeling they won’t be touched. I mean tusks win pose face is really really bad, and Kim’s face is very amateur looking compared to even Mira who looks fantastic; and they’re from the same season! Even Kim’s hands and fingers look super weird to me lol. Another thing that drives me nuts about tusk is how his eyes turn solid demon black on some stages. I just really hope they get some attention one day when the Devs have a chance.

Mira looks ok, but what drives me nuts is her stance. That stance doesn’t make her look nimble and ready to fight. It is way too Mortal Kombat looking, still, stiff standing. It drives me nuts when you look at MK 1, 2, 3 with those awkward digitized actors/characters that move so rapid and awkward/robotic. Mira isn’t as bad but that stance reminds me of MK and it doesn’t compliment the character. I would make her stance more agile looking. Will IG do it, absolutely not. I have not much faith that they’d even correct the things mentioned above.

Funny though, they’d revamp the lighting to make it worse looking, Level 4 enders that were uncalled for, wasted time/resources to work on-then add a toggle (thankfully!) - but needless work to beging with. Put purple shadows causing an over saturating effect that looked better when it was a clear ripple all so that we connect the dots in this Shakespeare story that is KI because you know purple = shadows = Gargos = some shadow God :wink:, right? Did you get that everyone??? :wink: :wink:

Really IG?

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Hahah. I’m waiting to see what the season 3 story has in store as far as an explanation for the purple shadows. I’ve gotten used to them and think they look sort of cool and kind of have like a 90s vibe to them, but yes the original shadows were no doubt much better looking.

That’s a big fat lie. Tj was made by ig and so was season 2 menus. DH created season 1 and only season 1 as they were not contracted to work on season 2. DH made 9 characters and they are jago, sabrewulf, glacius, thunder, sadira, orchid, spinal, fulgore, and shadow including their stages. Also let’s ask the devs to confirm if it’s true or not.

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Exactly what I thought… Haha

Looks like I was wrong my bad! Found the article stating who did what.

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