Ki season 1 looked very different

I agree with you. There’s definitely something different about KI season 1. It really did look better.

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Haha I knew i couldn’t be the only one. Man it drives me nuts that I can’t explain to people exactly " how " it looks different. Lol


Was Season one particularly colorblind unfriendly? One thing I notice about games is that the ones that emphasize support for colorblind players seem to look worse and more washed out in the colors department. That might be part of it if IG pushed for a more colorblind friendly atmosphere after Season one.


Not sure but speaking of colors I do mis the green eerie colors on Spinal stage.


That’s very true and yeah season 1 was colorblind unfriendly, and that actually had a lot to do with making the stages so ugly in season 2, which in my opinion has been the worst looking season. Thankfully with season 3 they’ve somehow managed to bring it back to how it looked before with still being okay for colorblind people I guess. Some of the stuff was accidental though, like they’d go to do something for the next character update or something and then something would accidentally get messed up with stage lighting or texturing.

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Same here. A nice Balance of how it was back then and how it is now would be amazing.

Totally agree here, the game looked way better before Season 3. The new lighting ruined the look of this game. Now different characters don’t look good on different stages and it applies to all characters with different degrees and variations. The character colors look real bad and there is a white flash/gloss that washes out the character colors. The blacks are too saturated and I even raised the brightness to try to fix this issue but it can’t be fixed because it is in the coding on the developer end.

I pray that IG can rework this in a patch. I think they wasted a lot of time/resources fixing things that didn’t need to be touched and I’m afraid they won’t go back to undo their miss-steps.

They act as though this is all intended and this isn’t a mistake but it truly is even though they won’t own up to it. I bet IG’s response is “this is how we intended it to be, and it is better because etc etc.” I would like to once see them say “Hey guys, we made some poor choices and we want to fix this”. It would make us all much more satisfied that they at least address these glaring issues instead of pretending like they can do no wrong.


True. I think they should just change it back to the season 1 lighting while adding an option for the color blind.

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I want blizzar’s designers to make the next KI. There character designs are amazing.

Personally - if I were a dev, this bit right here would be all the reason I needed not to reply. You’ll just boil down their side of the issue to “etc etc” so why bother discussing it?

It’s because they never admit when they made a huge miss-step or bad judgement call. There were many bad decisions and miss-steps in Season 3. The only thing IG admit to is bugs here and there and they say “sorry but it is fixed now with patch number -fill-in-the-blank”. This is nothing since of course games have bugs that get addressed and it really isn’t anyone’s fault.

I’d love for them to come out and admit, we screwed up on the lighting system, Season 1 and 2 looked better graphically and the lighting downgraded it screwing up colors. There is an over-saturation of purple with the shadows that was totally unnecessary so more resources going into tweaks that aren’t needed while tweaks that are needed aren’t getting addressed such as Kim’s static look, the Vs screen character inconsistencies with size/ratio/textures. Kim’s body is shaped awkwardly, she moves awkwardly and her proportions are strange (shoulders, arms, hands, legs, face, hair) TJ has great facial animations but his walk is stiff looking, Maya’s animations are stiff looking too. Tusk’s face looks at strange at times, I don’t get how they animated the faces like that yet they nailed other character in Season 1 and 2 very well.

There are other things but at least they can admit and perhaps fix in a few patches. But it is easier to say this is how we always intended it to be and wash your hands clean.

First off - many of the things you’re talking about are mad subjective. Not sure how someone can “admit” to “screwing up” when they don’t feel as though they’ve done so.

Secondly - what else do you expect out of a bug fix besides the patch itself and the patch notes? Do you want baskets of fruit and flowers sent to your door or something? A singing telegram?

How is this me saying I want a fruit basket and singing telegram? This is me just saying how this isn’t a big deal obviously. The real deal is the glaring issues many here have stated on the forums that you can’t ignore. If it was just me or a a few people then you have a point but when there have been so many topics created since Season 2 talking about bad animations of TJ and Maya which crossed over even worse with Kim Wu, that can’t be something we are being subjective to. How many people blew up on Kim’s reveal, lots of people were disappointed but you can choose to ignore that because for every 5 people that complain there is a white knight that comes in that defends anything that comes from a franchise they love instead of admitting that it isn’t on par and suddenly negates what the issue is.

I love KI a lot, but I love it so I want it to be the best at what it is. When something is clearly off, I will address it because I want that to be the best it can. I know there is still a lot of room for improvement in Season 3. Things didn’t get addressed while we got purple shadow, level 4 enders - things that weren’t needed and didn’t improve the look, I would vouch for the character’s looking right and not weird will catch a person’s attention more than purple shadows and level 4 enders.

Frankly I’m not sure what you’re getting at in that first blurb you quoted - you stated that them never admitting a miss-step was the reason you posted, then you say they patch bugs and publish notes, but that it’s not a big deal since every game has issues.

This is a really subjective thing man. Almost everyone wants to think their particular gripe with the game is a “glaring issue”, or rather is so very severe that they feel it deserves the immediate attention of the devs. Speaking of subjectivity - you continue to bring up things related to aesthetics - and people may or may not share your opinions about those matters. If you’re operating with some higher level of understanding due to a trade/vocation you work in or some sort of specialized education, you must know that not everyone will share that level of understanding. If you’re not - well then, you’re making observations just like everyone else.

If this is how you wish to refer to people that don’t share your opinions, feel free. I’ve been openly critical about aspects of the game that I feel are important, they just so happen to have nothing to do with graphics/aesthetic.

There is where you and I see eye to eye. At the end of the day I think it boils down to you either feeling more strongly about granular aspects of the visual end, or perhaps knowing more about it than I do; and in contrast I feel more strongly about other aspects of the game.

yep, definitely was. DH said they had to take it out cuz it caused game breaking situations… It looked very good in those videos though:(

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I love the tech but I thought it looked stupid lol.

Nice to see though hahah

While I love the idea of coming back, it’s not the combat design I have a problem with, nor the stage design which is stellar.

Something in whomever designed the season one characters particularly Orchid and Sadira and some of the Retros seem odd…

But something I can live with. I do wonder what top notch visual designers combined with Keits combat design would do for KI.
I don’t want to assume, but I sense that character design was outsourced for certain characters rather than an established team such as blizzard nethrrrealm or gazillion or capcom.

Visually, some of the characters fell short of the awesome combat design and stage design, and KI has potential to be so much more with a top tier character artist

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Not sure if people mentioned this already but S1 and the intro to S2 was done by Double Helix before Iron Galaxy took over. So the look and feel is by their design and IG redid things to their design.


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I mean that DH started TJ Combo and then gave the assets to IG when they stopped working on KI