KI S3 Unbreakable combos change question

So we know unbreakable combos into ends aren’t a thing anymore because it counts as opener ender if there is nothing breakable. Now that makes me curious about somethings. Does that make 2 hit shadow moves breakable? For example,Omen’s grab into instinct into slide. It is technically unbreakable because the shadow can’t be broken because it is only two hits. Does this make the ender breakable or not?

To clarify:

Throw --> Instinct Cancel (not in a corner) --> Shadow Slide (only last 2 hits make contact) -->


is unbreakable.

The game counts the Shadow Slide as breakable, but you only have 2 hits to attempt to break, so it is actually impossible to do. That leads to 20% or more unbreakable damage.

This tech can apply to any shadow move that travels. Those moves can be spaced to only hit 1 or two times.

I know. That is my Season 3 question. They said that if there is breakable portion in the combo,the ender will count as opener and ender. Now my question is if the ender in that situation is breakable.

I know, i was making what you said more clear.

You left some details out in the OP.

@TheKeits Can you please clarify this? I want to know if this is reliable in S3 so I can break the habit of doing this.

The game (currently in development) still counts those as breakable hits.

So what’s happening with Aria’s assists during shadow moves? Currently they inherit shadow properties and count as breakable hits, but in S3 her drones no longer inherit the properties of other attacks so would they make the shadow move unbreakable or would they simple disrupt the breaker timing?

Will this change in S3 or stay the same? I assume the ender will be breakable when changed.

The game in development, Season 3, still counts 2 hits of a breakable shadow linker as “something breakable”, meaning your ender will cash out.

If we develop a fix for this, it could change, but right now thats how it is.

Ok. Thank you for the clarification.

by what’s been said so far, that’s not how it should be in the final game though, since breaking the ender is “impossible to do”. This should be fixed to make things fair IMHO.

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If only it were as easy as “It should be fixed, so it is fixed”.

Video games are massively complicated, and some fixes are easier than others. This one is not at all an easy fix and requires time. Time is a resource to be spent. If someone takes a bunch of time to change this, something else doesn’t get worked on. Thats the reality of game development.


So, could making omens grab to shadow slide break after 2 successfully timed inputs be programmed to only work in that said scenario? Of course, without it affecting anything else? I’m sure like you said it’s possible but it would require resources being invested from other potentially more important issues. Just brainstorming for a possible fix. Exceptions to the shadow breaker rules would have to be made. I don’t see that as to bad in “my opinion”. That’ll make the game even more crazy fun with the mind games…I’m sure you’ve thought of a million ways to fix it. Btw it was nice meeting you at the kiwc. Take care

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Hmm… I know it may be a stretch, but perhaps there could be specific fixes for the strings that are still unbreakable? Perhaps, with the example of Omen slide, it could be modified so the hits only start if the attack makes contact? Though that would probably be complicated, since a lot of the multi-hitting attacks are probably programmed to hit on certain frames of the animation, and changing it could also have unintended consequences. Though, it could make certain attacks more consistent in terms of recapture/combo breaking.
I’m the opposite of an expert when it comes to this sort of thing, but I’ve just been thinking about ways that it could be changed should those changes not have other long lasting effects.

Agreed. Making the hits occur after the first hit is landed makes more sense. Just way more consistent. This can make it more fair.

How about we just leave it as is… because Omen needs a lil buff and this suits him perfectly. I didn’t even know about this combo, but I do now! thank you!

Also, if @TheKeits thought it was unfair and unbalanced…I’m sure he would go out of his way to make it right. But being that the lead combat developer doesn’t think its a priority…then it really isn’t a priority and no one should worry about it. I for one didn’t know about it and haven’t seen anyone do this combo.

Deliberately going to play devil’s advocate here and say that a character that can turn your entire life bar into potential damage in one (admittedly hard to perform due to conditions) move doesn’t need an unbreakable combo to go along with it as well as a bunch of other unblockable gimicks that @RGLOfficial and @MRxFluttershy can attest to.

But I understand your point @TheKeits, most certainly. However, there must be a way round it, as other people have suggested. Who knows. Even if you dont fix it now, it could be fixed later down the line? This thread will be here to remind us that it is still unbreakable at that time?

Omen does not have any UNBLOCKABLE gimmicks. If he does please share.
There are only a few unblock-able moves in KI…Glacius shatter, Mayas charged dagger, SaberWulfs charging HP, Orchids Charging HP move…that’s all I can think of.

I know what you’re talking about. Omen’s Demonic Despair and Shago’s Annihilation. They are not unbockable moves, they’re command grabs. They can’t be blocked or teched, only jumped away from.

Well, technically Omen can use a throw as a combo opener in the corner, and throws are unblockable. :stuck_out_tongue: So it’s perfectly possible to go Despair>Throw>Slide>Win, if I remember right. Technically breakable, technically techable, but also technically unblockable