KI S3 + MKX + SFV + Tekken 7..... 2016 will be fighting genre Heaven

Just seeing the Tekken 7 Akuma trailer and my lord that game looks ridiculously awesome, the fighting mechanics, the visuals, overall flashes of gameplay revealed is just really fantastic, plus AKUMA??? With this game added to the bunch, 2016 just seems so mouth watering for the fighting game scene… poor poor fight sticks


Too… Too much hype…

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Yeah I’m definitely hyped for KI S3 and Tekken 7. Just wish we’d get some more concrete info on when Tekken 7 is hitting consoles.

Do you guys think that’s the full roster or are we in store for s lot more reveals? Really hoping Zafina makes the cut!

This might be the Tekken I come back to, as 7 looks VERY Interesting. Haven’t played Tekken in a while.

S3 right off the bat will be amazing for me. It will have Kim Wu, and actually, that’s all I want, and Life will be great!

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Just need Sega to announce VF6 now and 2016 will be the perfect year


That would be amazing. If they brought back VF4’s Kumite mode, then yeah, that’d be my perfect FG year, no doubt!

Kung Lao
M. Bison

Kickin butt with these guys all year!!! :smile:

Would be nice for 2016 to think about bringing back Bloody Roar! I’m bored!

would be an utopia if some softhouse had acquired the rights over Bloody Roar and release the game at least on PS4 and PC.


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its on PC as well.

I’d bet money that NRS/WB make an announcement on Injustice 2 next year as well.

MS plz buy bloody roar and eternal champions.
Pretty plz.
I’m actually liking the look of tekken. Seems very polished. Gives me hope for TxSF.


I know Injustice is your favorite fighting game. What do you want see to new character join Injustice 2?

That’s a hard one. Really.

Fighting game genre hype! New fighting games AND fighting game DLCs hype! :smile: :sunglasses: