KI props from Ultimate Source anyone?

So a couple of minutes ago, I asked Ultimate Source on Twitter if they would consider making full scale KI props. Stuff like Jagos mask, Mayas daggers, Thunders tomahawks and so forth. They said that they liked those ideas. Would that be something that you guys would want? If so, what would you want to see?


I would like to see either Kim Wu’s new nun chucks or Spinals shield

Spinals Shield +1
Id pay some good cash if it was done right

Cinder’s head :slight_smile:

Big Orchid doll… I want to play with her… umm… yeah, I have reasons…

I’d buy high-quality busts of the characters also.

Now we’re talking, would certainly be something I’d be interested in

I want Hisako’s naginata.

Apologies for dragging this thread from the depths, but I just wondered if anyone was still interested in these. Personally I’d like to see a Fulgore mask (no, not the 90s one but a proper facemask out of solid materials)

Yeah I would love to have life size prop replica of Spinal’s default sword and shield to post up on the wall. I would dish out some heavy cash for those if they are full sized and look legit.

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Jago, Shadow Jago & Omen’s face masks… Mira’s Gauntlet… wolf’s goggles, Tusk’s Sword with heating function… Cinder bomb, Arbiter’s Sword… Wu’s Chucks, Gargos Mask, Both minion’s about 3ft tall… Glacius Puddle punch would be ridiculous… fulgore mask or reactor chest piece with sound effects, Aganos stone boot lol or triple face mask… so many goodies could come of this

Fulgore’s arm and we’ll talk