KI probation warning?!

I never quit games, even when I get slaughtered.

But started playing a little more this month and I’ve had players quit when I’m about to win, or if I get matched with the same player I just beat and now I’m getting this warning.

A little counter productive or silly if you ask me.

Thinking I might stop playing ranked now. :confused:

It doesn’t mean much. I think the best way to look at it is they only allow so many wins via disconnect per month, and after that you just stop getting points from salty quitters. You won’t lose any points. And the “probation” ends at the end of the month.
I got put in probation myself the last time I reset my rank and was climbing the gold tier. For some reason I ran into about 7 or 8 disconnects in a row. I shrugged it off and just kept on playing.

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I think its actually glitched. I’ve been getting notifications all month, whether there is a disconnect or not. I’ve been put on Probation at least three times and then a match later it is gone and I’m back to normal.

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lol. of course it glitched :blush: this whole game is one giant bug, AKA Sadiras pet spider :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Basically, when you win too many times via disconnect, this probation period kicks in. This is to prevent people from purposely inducing lag and forcing the opponent to disconnect, where they’ll gain ranked points by unfair methods.

You may have done nothing wrong, but sometimes this is also a signal to try and improve your network conditions, especially if you play on a wireless connection where packet loss can occur. Always try and use a wired connection if you can, but if you can’t, reduce the wireless traffic on your network as much as you can, do not download stuff or stream on other devices while playing, try to reduce the distance from your device to the wireless point and reduce the number of walls to go through, etc., all those things.

Even I’ve been on probation before. Took a few minor steps to improve my connection and it hasn’t happened in a very long time.

I dunno, lately the stability of ranked play has been total junk. I’ve had matches completely crash right after a counter breaker. I check my connection and it’s perfectly fine. I don’t use wireless. It’s a designated connection.

At the beginning of May I pulled up KI after not playing it for three weeks and got greeted by a probation warning. I haven’t even played in a while. Two matches lagged out and I won a ton and got some RQs. I was put on probation. Played another match and I was removed off of probation.

I boot KI up the next day, and I get another probation warning. I’m immediately put on it, and then removed from probation. Yeah… it’s glitched.

I can more than assure you that is nothing to do with my connection at all.

The players are down right quitting right before my ultra lands, or quitting on the char select screen of we get matched up again for a second time after I’ve already beaten them.

If I had connection issues I would mention this lol

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I can attest to this as a Sadira main. :stuck_out_tongue:

Relax man, I’m not accusing you or anything like that. Just a suggestion.

I would like to ask though, @anthony2690 and @SoSRaGnArOk, do you two play on the Win10 version or the Xbox One?

I’ve noticed that between the two versions, usually the Xbox One version tends to be the more stable one, both online and offline. Then again, the Xbox One version is built to fit a standard set of hardware, whereas the Win10 version will have variances due to computer performance differences in graphics cards, processors, and other stuff. So it’s just a point of curiosity that I ask.

I play on both versions, however on the Windows 10 version, I have yet to even get matched, so I haven’t really played on it that much. I generally just play on Xbox One.

Xbox one version.

Yeah I don’t think that is fair for people in your situation, who are just playing and then people start quoting on you! Then you get punished for it! Just don’t give no points to no one, or just give 5 points for the win…

…but that is what’s happening now. The probation thing just stops you from gaining points from those disconnected fights.

Hi all

I know this is (by the looks of it) an old thread…good old google brought me to this forum (and my love for the games).

Basically. Long story short. Xbox live has been having connection issues, people are rage quitting (as they don’t play the game as much as we all do), and with poor connection issues from the other players has caused me to into probation mode.

Is there anyone (admin or community manager) who can assist me in a private message to assist with this very very unfair temp ban on the online leader boards. I have read that some of the users on here may be able to help. I appreciate the help in advance.

As a foot note, it might be worth for be developers to actually look into the connection and (unfair match making) this game has to offer. It’s be start of the month and making an inocent person wait a whole month before the can play something they enjoy wait to play the game they paid hard earned cash for is a crap way of policing the game.

Cheers in advance


You can still play online in ranked and earn points. You just don’t get any points for disconnects now.

I’ve been getting random disconnects a lot recently, quite often upon playing one match in ranked, the second round/second match freezes for about 10 seconds, unfreezes and I get the message that my opposition has disconnected.

I’ve had about 6 probation warnings so far, through no fault of my own, we have a really good internet connection, I never play on Wi-Fi, etc.

It feels as though this should be investigated further as I’ve noticed some players I’m shocked have even passed the online test and it’s nothing but an exercise in frustration to keep playing them.

There are an awful lot of laggy as hell killers with stars, meanwhile I’m sitting there thinking “I can’t see a single one of your startup frames, no wonder you have 6 pro stars” as they phase through space, teleport into you and melt your health bars into nothing. I don’t mind legitimate losses, but about every 1 in 3 ranked match is laggy for me lately and I’m permanently on the border of a probation warning, is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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I hear ya. I’m having the same problem as well. Get lots of random disconnects and or players with Plus frames on everything, or they will magically be able to Shadow Counter while I’m in a combo, throw me out of a combo, absorb hits, and or after resets my character will straight up face the wrong direction, nullifying any point of the reset. :confused:

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I feel extra sorry for you as a Sadie main, basically you’re going to get hurt extra bad vs any basic rush down character, and when quite a bit of your advantage comes from juggles (I know this from experience being a Maya main) laggy Wulf and Fulgore players are going to thoroughly ruin your day.

The last match I played in ranked last night was a Fulgore who literally did the same 10 hit combo 10 times in a row, but I was utterly unable to react to it because of how hard light laser is to react to in lag and my break timing was thrown off by how stupidly laggy he was. :rage:

They’re absolutely always the ones that teabag and triple Ultra, too.