KI Portable! Take it with you

Im going to add a 200Gig 90MBs Sdcard.

Noticed its not DX 12, and has 4 Gigs Memory.
Still going to try to make it fit. :wink:
There is a newer version coming out with
even faster CPU and 8 Gigs Mem.


What’s the price?

under 400

That’s pretty cool.

I doubt it’ll run KI, even at low settings but I’ll be interested to see how the device is in general.

I doubt it too, but going to try!
I really like the device, if it somehow
runs KI then great.

At lease I be able to emulate the
older N64 KI :wink:

Where are the buttons for L1L2 R1R2?

There are 4 shoulder buttons, cant seem em.

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I’ve seen those around. They look like they’d be a neat little system, kinda like a windows PS Vita/Switch, but yeah, from the sound of it it seems like it’d be pretty underpowered for the purpose of playing XB1-comparable games.
But hey, you could stream from the Xbox app or from Steam so long as you’re playing at home, so technically you could play KI on the toilet if you wanted to, so…win?


…YA. Def win.

Given MS quality of controllers/ peripherals I’d get a lifetime warranty

The buttons may stick or fall off within 30 days of use

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I was just gonna say something about not trusting M$ with a $400 controller… These yahoos need to be flogged with morning stars made from their jacked up pads, Yo! I can’t even.

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The controller is made by a company called GPD.
It has windows 10 but its not MS.

You guys are probably right about the quality,
if the controller breaks it defeats the purpose.

Ill have to be sure to be gentle with it.

I wish you luck with this project. you’d need a high quality graphics card to get it into a playable state, from my experience and 16 gigs of ram. That’s just my rig though.

thats pretty expensive for a gameboy. :stuck_out_tongue:

16gb RAM is good to have, but I have a rig that only has 8 and KI runs on it just fine. So you can run the game on half of that.

agreed, this is not a gamming rig.

It can run games like:
Unreal Tornament 3 Black
All Emulators up to playstation n64 PPSSPP etc.
it just wont run Very intense games.

The thing already puts out massive heat,
there is a switch on the bottom to turn the
fan higher…

this is a Vita\Nintendo switch killer that’s for sure.