Ki player respect

If there is onething good i can say about the KI players, I gotta say there are really respectful players, if im in the mid of dinner, and in the kitchen when a round is starting, grab a bite, and come back I find my health bar full, and the opponent just chillin in the corner goofin off till he realizes I am back at the controller.

The respect is real in KI, and I like that.


Say what??? Some are respectful…Alot are downright awful…Lol…But, when you run into cool players it makes the experience so much better. Less contentious and more about learning/training.

i think compared to other fighters, ppl are more respectful here…i have come back from mk fights while doing something and im getting fatal’d lol

Actually its a bad example cause imo what you are doing disrespectful.

I mean in the mid of a dinner, grab a bite - when im eating or something i simply dont play and waste peoples time waiting for me to get to the controller.

Imo it is disrespectful to the time of the other player.

All a matter of your own viewpoint.

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Good to see I’m not only one who does this. This may seem weird but I consider it a dishonor to attack someone when they are AFK.

It’s kind of my code. I wanna good fight and if I want to win, I don’t want my opponent to just hand it to me.

This actually happened to me a couple of days ago. Was in the middle of cooking and I mistimed the length of my Ultra Combo. Cam back, my life bar was still full.

KI Fighters have class.

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I have had the polar opposite experience, most players I meet online are the lowest trash that just disrespect and humiliate you every chance they get. On the forums though, most people seem pretty upstanding and cool though.

The Brazilian community seems to be pretty respectful, sometimes there will one or two dudes who taunt and do full ultras on the first round of a killer match. But generally people are nice and just want a good match.

I have a semi-related story - I was playing Skullgirls on PS4, and ended up waiting a good 10 minutes for a match. When I got one, this dude let the entire length of the character select screen roll out - mind you, they picked a full team, so he wasn’t AFK. When the match started, they did nothing. I starting dashing and jumping and air dashing to stave off my boredom while I waited for them to decide to use their controller. They never did - I waited until the very last second of the match, tapped him with a light punch, and took the win.

I immediately got a PM from them which consisted of “GG” and then “■■■■ YOU” pasted about 300 times.

I was flabbergasted.

I went back into the match queue - and ended up with them again. The second match was an exact repeat of the first… I then turned off my Playstation and booted up KI on my Xbox.


Apologies then to the guy who came back to see his life bar in danger, lol. I don’t have a mic and wasn’t sure what was going on. Was shooting fireballs for two rounds and nothing happened. Was even proud of my first Perfect in ranked. :blush:

Or did my Jedi mind trick work? :expressionless:

Can agree with you, had this AFK moment many times, and they usually don’t full cluster Ultras… still there’s some douches but they are less numbered.

Also many times in mid fight I did noticed the opponent may be AFK, stopped and waited.

When i get a AFK person, I wait for 40 - 50 in game seconds before I attack, even times when their controller disconnects or their battery dies. The cool thing aboot waiting is hearing the classic music when you dont move for a bit. :slightly_smiling:


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