KI PC Mod Workshop Made by Players Run by Microsoft?

If KI PC version has mod support What’s stopping Microsoft/IG from creating a store front where people can buy quality mods/skins/costumes that are APPROVED by Microsoft/IG for use in Ranked Online Etc?

Dota 2 is a game that does this where the costume/skin/mod maker creates it then submits it to valve for approval and then it may appear in their store for purchase where both Valve and the maker split the profts.

If possible i think this would greatly encourage community creativity and create buzz on the KI Meld and all sorts of stuff. I hope a Dev sees this, or someone, if this is possible, again, i think this would be awesome. What do you guys/gals think? This link elaborates more on the idea and how Valve handles it.

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If it were to operate like this, I don’t see what harm it could do.

agreed if they did it this way I can see it workin. but the question is: Will it even be possible to mod the game in the first place.

Resources that can be directed elsewhere. I don’t think Windows store has such functionality and it would be a big drain to develop this.
For Dota, community-created content is a lifeblood and the game was created with this system in mind.

Philosophically, I just don’t see MS as being interested in getting fan mods into the game. You open yourself up to inappropriate content or else you have to devote resources to screening it. Then you also lower the probability that people will buy official costumes etc., which are a revenue stream. Beyond making a popular “nice guy” decision, I don’t see what they would get out of doing this.

Fallout 4 is doing this with their version for the Xbox One, so I would imagine that it could work.

That would be amazing! I really looking forward to Costume mods, but i dont have a PC that will run KI. That would be the only way they would bring mods to Xbox. IG pls!

that’s what you get for agreeing to a pc version. now they get the mods and you get nothing.

I would not mind if the mods were free like in PC.