KI opening a donation section in the game

Seeing how its getting difficult to find things in KI to spend actual money on, what if IG could start a full blown donation section to the game?? could be a great way to generate SOME cash flow for it… while we sit at this ‘stalemate’ thats taking place currently

No thanks. I don’t mean to sound rude, but there are enough games that are always asking for money. I don’t want another.

I also don’t like the idea of prepaying for unknown content.

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but IG puts the money to the good… i have no problems giving IG weekly donations, as long as it will help them

Then give it to the streams dude. There are plenty of streamers who could use that money to build the competitive.

If you want to use your money like that, be my guest.

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or the streamers could get an actual job… lol, id much rather it go directly to the IG team

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You know the dev’s will deliver the goods regardless… why not help them get what they need to really juice the game up… im talking from a visual effects standpoint though…
if the funds are short to be able to really do what they want with the game… what other dhoice is there to generate cash flow?? even small amounts help… but with facebook and twitter, you can use that to get the word out and promote the fundraiser/ donation… but for the reason… they could just say its to help with the new game or something, see what im sayin? :+1:

Soooooo you want to give IG more money than what they are asking for but you want to tell the streamers who play the game and entertain thier audience to get a job? :thinking:

Anyway, some of the IG staff have twitch stream too. I know @TheKeits plays Enter the Gungeon a lot on his channel. Donate there.



he should be playing killer instinct…

Know you’re sounding like a d!ck rider.

Spend you money how you want.

i will…

He helps develop the game, it’s not like he should be forever tied to it and the only thing he can play, online or offline is his own game. Personally, and this is just me, but if my job was to work on a specific game, if anything, it’d make me want to try out other stuff in my spare time, either games that might give me ideas for my own, or just to clear my head, or simply because it’s not only a job, but a hobby.

It’d almost be like telling KI fans that they shouldn’t be playing anything else but KI. It doesn’t really work that way, nor should it. Regardless of your job, you should be able to play any game you want, when you want. Just my 2 cents.

As for the idea of KI putting a donation section up, I believe that’s been discussed around here before and I honestly don’t think the devs would even be comfortable with something like that. At that point, the game ceases being a “money for product” transaction and it becomes more of an investment, and that could make things somewhat hairy from a financial perspective.

I mean, without knowing what developers are working on, do paying fans have a reasonable expectation of a return on investment? Should MS / IG have to reveal where donation money would go and would they HAVE to stick to that content even if time / money constraints demand an alternative path?

How about the money for product approach? Can they still do that if people are donating to them like a kickstarter? Do you have to create separate content for separate money streams, where some people get certain things for free for donating and other people have to pay for it because they didn’t donate?

Can you see how much of a headache that might cause for them? I understand and appreciate the sentiment of liking something and wanting to pay simply for it to continue, but throwing money at a developer doesn’t necessarily guarantee that we’d get exactly what we’d want or anywhere close to it. As we see with Kickstarter, many people that donate oftentimes end up with nothing at all. I don’t want them to have to be beholden to us to do something just because we waved our money at them, even if we (and maybe even they) didn’t know what that “something” would actually be.

Now if they wanted to say “hey, we’re interested in doing some more stages and we’ve done some mock-ups, but in order to make that happen, we need to raise X amount of money.” Then sure, I’d pitch in. Assuming that any amount below that goal would either be returned to us or matched by MS or that they could tell us where additional money over the goal would go… I’d love more stages.

But again, that’s a donation within a money for product transaction. I tend to think that most fans, as well as most developers, would likely feel more comfortable with something along those lines than simply opening a cash window in-game and saying nothing more than “you can give us money here” without any promise of any further content.

Just a guess though. I could be wrong.

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