KI on Windows 10: Failed To Reach Matchmaking Servers then lost all my season 2 characters!

Hello, recently bought the Season 1 and 2 pack for Windows 10. Everything was working fine, but Ranked failed to reach matchmaking servers, but Exhibition matches worked.

I fixed my toredo address but it still didnt work. So I disabled PNP on my router which fixed the matchmaking issue for a single day. Next day, it was back, so I re-enabled PnP. No luck. Disabled it again. No luck. Toredo address is still working.

However, while troubleshooting, I discovered that I suddenly lost all access to Season 2 characters! With the game telling me I need to buy the Ultra Edition! What the hell?!

Xbox Live Chat couldn’t help, I hope you can :worried:

Wow really? Maybe you can re install?