KI on pc :(

I downloaded KI for pc but I got this:

Nat type = Teredo is unable to qualify

Server connectivity = blocked

I wasted like 2 hours and still can’t find a solution. Try opening ports on router and firewall and still nothing.

My Teredo solution:

Open Device Manager, Show Hidden Devices and Uninstall Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

Add Legacy Hardware, Show all, Microsoft, Teredo


I got nat type = open

Server connectivity = blocked

Stupid nat is open, so I should be able to fix it now.

didn’t work

I give up for today.

Manage to get Nat Type = open but server connectivity was blocked


Server connectivity got open but Nat Type = Strict

Somehow is working now.

Because you did what I said

I actually had the exact same thing yesterday; Nat type open and Server blocked… but it still worked with no problems ror so I didn’t do anything about it.

I found 2 solutions to this problem in the comments of this video

  1. Restart the IP Helper and Xbox Live Auth Manager services
  2. Disable fast startup (if you’re booting on an SSD):

Usually, I’d have to restart my laptop after a cold boot for Teredo to work, but not anymore.

Bullshit. Yesterday was working fine. Today Nat= strict. Must be my pc firewall or something. (Nat is strict but manage to play online.)