KI on PC is way more BROKEN than MKX

And thats kinda sad seeing that MKX was total garbage on PC.

KI takes 1 hour to find a match on PC its so stupid sometimes it takes a few seconds and other times it takes hours this is so stupid. it also crashes in match making search this is WORSE than MKX

Can I have a refund?

Again? Be careful. Also there is a solution. You aren’t willing to find the solution though even though it is here. There is a search bar to search the forums. I will leave the rest to everyone else.

Sasuke this guy is pushing it…please, I’ve tried.

That toredo thing can brick your windows I am not going to do advanced things like uninstalling drivers and crap with windows registry just to get this broken game to work when everyother game on earth works

This just goes to show you how horribly broken and terrible windows 10 gaming is compared to Steam

I prefer a refund

Oh I am not Sasuke. I am using his account. I am rainbow Rash. I deal with situations like this when Sasuke is too busy to do so or just doesn’t feel like it.

give me my $40 refund and I will be on my way and you won’t have to hear from me again.

Rainbow rash. Please, we have to do something about this.

dude do whatever the hell you want just give me back my $40 refund and then do what you wan’t I don’t care.

So why exactly did you get the full game before testing the free version out first?

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dude. Don’t. Just don’t. Leave him be.

You are right. I will leave and crash a party in Chinatown with my awesome theme.

because I thought they were going to fix it, then I am reading I have to do some weird uninstalling of some toredo driver thing that causes some people windows 10 to brick and completely destroy.

Had I known it was going to remain this way until I fix it I never would have bought it. People bragged about how good this company was so I went by that.

Call Microsoft Support for that.

Please don’t create duplicate threads. You already have a similar one in general.