KI on PC is a huge mistake

Anybody here still believe releasing KI on PC is a huge mistake due to 1) hurting console sales and 2) all the leaks and the inevitable data mining on the PC version that’ll ruin all the surprises for us fans for the rest of season 3?

Just speaking my mind, folks.

Wait, you’re talking about spoilers…for a fighting game? Okay.

How much a PC version of the game leaks via data mining is entirely dependent on how much identifying information the devs leave in stubbed-off parts of the release builds. So it’s kinda up to them whether it’s worth making changes to revision management and whatnot to keep spoilers out of production.


id rather have more ki players than xb1 owners (no offense MS)


I love data-mining. I love knowing what people can pull out for leaks and spoilers. Whenever a new fighting game I like is being announced, it’s like watching an adventure where treasure hunters and tomb raiders dig through everything they can to get some info on the game. Love it. ^^

As for hurting console sales… The people who wanted to buy an Xbone because of KI have already done so. Now it’s about selling the game to as many as possible, and porting the game to PC is a really smart move. The fighting game community for PC players have severely expanded these past years, and making KI available on PC will only enhance the game’s popularity and have more people play the game. ^^

You need to have a serious chat with your mind if you believe those reasons make it a mistake to release KI on PC.


As if anyone’s in a rush to shove $300+ for a single fighter anymore.
If you look for leaks, it’s on the user’s part. Not the data-miners.

There’s no harm in a PC port seeing how it’s from an MS store.

1- I don’t care about console sales nor Microsoft’s corporate profits, as I don’t have any vested interests within said corporation.

I am very glad it’s coming to pc. I have a pc that can run it fine along with SFV. Why am I glad? I can now sell my xboxone sand te2 since I no longer have use for them.

I was one of the people in that heated debate on the old forums about porting KI
to PC. I was against the port now i honestly just dont care, i hope i can get some of there mods though assuming modding is supported. I may get my Orchid KI2 after all.

The game has been out for two years.

It’s LOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG past the point where it might have potentially moved consoles by itself.

PC will massively help KI itself with sales and user base. I think anyone who was gonna buy an Xbox for KI has done so, and has had over 2 years to do so. Time to expand.

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Not this again…

KI is no longer a console seller anymore, the game has already 2 years since its release.
Porting KI on PC is one of the best choice by the simple fact the PC version will help expanding the community, thanks to the cross-platform between Xbox and PC.

And I have a question: Why making a Fighting Game exclusively in one platform? Knowing that Fighting Games are a niche genre.

Think about it.

The best thing about KI going to PC is the mods!

I can’t wait to see someone make a Psylocke mod for Kim Wu or a Nightwing Orchid or just any creative mods for Killer instinct!!!

Really looking forward to seeing Original thunder and Orchid KI & KI true models!

Tonfas and proper boots and the real corresponding hairstyles!

I hope mods are supported, but it looks like not, at least not at launch.

sorry to be the bearer of bad news but mods won’t be supported by win10 for KI. As for running unsigned code. good luck with that cause the x360 still has impervious security that still hasn’t been broken. ya there’s reset hacks and such but the OS integrity remains untouched. Games on win10 run in apps wrappers which mean it’s independent from the OS. Sorry man, I wish it wasn’t the case.

I probably would have believed that before the big final characters/ mode leak 2 weeks ago!

Wait and see

this post should be deleted!!! what a joke!!! SMDH


You shouldn’t be worrying about what platform a game releases on, or even how many it releases on, so long as you own 1 of those platforms. You shouldn’t also worry about how much money 1 of those platforms may or may not make off of a particular game, or even how well that game itself does. All you should worry about is whether you will actually enjoy the game or not. If you do, then great! If not, then at least you gave it a chance before moving onto something else instead.

While I personally prefer my XB1 and enjoy many of its games, which includes Killer Instinct, I’m not going to mull over something as trivial as this.

Data mining, IMO, is also a bad thing. It’s not illegal, as far as I know, but it’s hurtful to the hard work that many people put into the product and that are waiting to release it to the public. It’s kind of like going to a friend and telling him that there’s a surprise birthday party waiting for him at his house that his family has planned - it largely ruins the party for both himself and his family, who took the time to put it together. So no, I do not want that kind of spoiler, especially in light of recent events.

As for mods, I think they’re cool, but not all of them are great - or even work. Some may even have adverse effects on the game. The ONLY way I support mods is if they’re officially supported by the devs themselves, and are of a quality build - preferably on the professional level. That way, the game isn’t saturated by broken or terrible stuff. Basically, what I’m describing is free DLC - it’s promoted by the devs, and is just as good as anything they’d make, but it simply isn’t made by them; it’s instead made by others out in the public. That being said, it’s otherwise, not favorable to have IMO. For example, I supported awesome retexturing mods that improved The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim and made it look better and more realistic, but not the mods that turned dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine - while funny, the latter just didn’t make any sense, was odd, and looked terrible.

Just my 2 cents, anyways.

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Do you work for MS? No? Then why do you care?

Data mining with UWP? Good luck, people can’t even get fraps working with that thing.

This is some poor reasoning.

Harsh words. Their are plenty of KI fans who refuse to get an Xbox one and new stick just for one game.
How about big fighting aficionados, when choosing consoles, you only have KI while PS4 has GG, BB, KOF, SFV etc…

As mentioned 2 years, so a pc release will not hurt sales in anyway and who cares about the consoles sales, if anything be happy that KI’s fan-base can grow. Especially since Xbox hasn’t sold anywhere near PS4. You almost sound as if you care more about the Xbox than the game.

You complain about leaks…You do realize the game has had plenty of leaks already and worse scenario you can just ignore them.

KI has the potential to increase revenue and fans. We get more opponents, more content. What’s the problem? KI had so many hype moments on KI cup and evo yet it’s the least populated and entered at tornaments out of the big titles. Honestly i’d have no problem with them porting to PS4.

Data mining? Doesn’t the data have to be there to be mined?

Like thete is NO data on Mira on the Pc version right now that’s added when the character goes live.

It’s differnt if it’s like destiny and its locked away and unplayable… but that’s not the case for KI… the data simply isn’t there… so how can it be leaked?

I’m confused.

Super pleased more people can play KI period