KI on E3 2018?

Maximilian Dood made a KI video so it’s confirmed!!! (That’s a joke obviously)

Now really, what makes me think that?
There are rumors about Microsoft and Nintendo teaming up.
Maybe Rare Replay could be released on Switch and since Rare Replay includes KI Gold, a port of the reboot isn’t that far of.
Then KI would get some attention again and with that attention, they could announce KI2 (or whatever the new game would be called).
It is a possibility but I won’t get my hopes up.


If those rumors are anything, it’s probably Banjo-Kazooie in smash and maybe some small but if Nintendo content in a Microsoft game. That’s probably as far as they would go.

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Where did you read about these rumors?


Multiple gaming websites and youtube channels.
Here to be exact. (It’s a german video)