KI news apparently

I’m pretty happy about the QoL changes they’re making to Rash and Wulf; it’s nice that the devs are still trying to tweak some of the little things.

As to people complaining about no announcements…what @SithLordEDP said. :unamused:


Can someone summarize what they discussed? Well anything that affects the game.

Are the devs not allowed to run any stream about KI that doesn’t involve life-changing reveals? Maybe they wanted to talk about the game because they like it and want to remind people on their official channel that this game exists and they can go pick it up. I can understand if they were being dodgy about it and then you come away disappointed (this has happened in the past), but in this case they were super up front (and all throughout) about what the stream was going to contain.

If you decide that the devs just talking about a game they like is not worth your time, then you don’t have to watch.

As for what they announced, I wasn’t able to catch it myself, but I was told:

  • Rash breaker goes to +1 (from +9)
  • Wulf breaker goes to 0 (from -7)
  • Rash LK auto-double fixed to not allow any manual
  • They are looking into the Aganos bug that happened at CEO but no promises
  • They are internally testing some other small change that they aren’t talking about yet (seems unrelated to gameplay, so maybe some quality of life fix?)
  • There was no announced date for this patch

I missed the stream because I was working. I think they made it pretty clear that it was a “sit down and play KI!” Event rather than an announcement forum. Frankly anyone who convinced themselves a major gameplay or franchise announcement was coming on a random Tuesday in July with a week’s notice via twitter is responsible for their own disappointment.

I think I understand what they are doing here, which is signaling that they are still actively working on KI to at least some extent. But I can already see people going crazy trying to guess what this is and wildly overselling it. It’s not “the missing Ultimates.” They aren’t noodling away on another dozen animation projects without telling us. If it’s anything as elaborate as 2D portraits placeholders for the character select screen I would be stunned. It’s something very minor, whatever it is.

I know it’s unfair to complain to everybody in the community about something only a few people do, but I can see the pattern already. A few people talk it up - speculating about all the fantastic things they might be hinting at. Then in three months when they announce they’ve adjusted the select menu for picking the stage music we get a bunch of angry “fans” complaining that this isn’t what they wanted.

Please don’t encourage this. And anyone who can get ahold of the dipswitch at EventHubs who penned that “is season 4 coming?” Tweet please let him know that his clickbait lunacy is not appreciated.

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Honestly, it IS odd that out of nowhere the devs decide to talk about a 5 year old game that hasn’t had much support (other than fixing glitches) for a better part of a year. I can fully understand the expected excitement from news starved fans when from out of nowhere they see a tweat… “Hey folks we’re doing a Q/A with some KI devs! Make sure you mark your calendars.”

In truth, unless it is E3 or some other big venue like that, I tend to temper my expectations.

This all day… 10 years from now this dude should be fired :slight_smile:
(Its a joke people… easy now)

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