KI Matchmaking Thread

Pretty Straight forward.

Looking for matches?


XBL Tag:
current rank:
looking for range:
Main Character: (if you’ve settled down for a waifu/husbandu)
Platform you play on:
General Location: (For Connection Purposes)
Availability: (mostly because if you post and 7 days from now someone sees, let them know a good time to play you)
Player Description: (nothing longer than something you’d see on a free/cheap dating website)


Tag: Empyreal Fiend
rank: Bronze
Looking for: Qualifier-Killer
Main: Kim Wu
Platform: PC
Location: East Coast
Availability: 4p.m.-12a.m.
Description: Can’t play everyday at available time due to life stuff. Been playing fighters for years, finally got a chance to play KI and its nothing like street fighter, need to start from the ground up and grind.

XBL Tag: Kallinx
current rank: Bronze
looking for range: Bronze - Gold
Main Character: none yet but interested in Arbiter, Cinder, Riptor, Rash, kim Wu, Sadira and Aganos.
Platform you play on: PC mainly.
General Location: East Coast
Availability: 4 P.M - 8 P.M. Monday through Friday
Player Description: I’m not new to fighting games but new to KI. Right now I am awful at this game but want to learn this as much as I can.

Galactic Geek (also known as “GG” or “Geek” for short; real name = Keith)

Gold Tier (was killer pre-S3; made #95 spot on ranked leaderboards in 1 season; made 4th place at an Orlando MegaCon tournament)

Qualifiers - Killers

Aganos (lvl. 50)

Xbox One and PC (fomer preferred)

Florida, U.S.A.

After 3 p.m. eastern on weekdays; all day on weekends

31-year old professional teacher that likes to continue teaching in game by showing newer players the ropes or improving own skill against seasoned players. Holds the status of Xbox Live Community Ambassador and United Enforcer. Suffers from major hearing loss, so Kinect is preferred over headset (doesn’t interfere with hearing aids by causing feedback), but can use the latter upon request. Loves to brag and tell cheesy and/or sarcastic jokes, one-liners, and of course, puns. Can’t forget about the puns. :wink: