KI live action and TV spot commercial

Hey guys! Do anyone remember this commercial? KI get commercial once… MK and Street Fighter had many live action and commercial.

So, do you think KI should get Live Action trailer like this?

Or KI TV spot commercial.

Well? I hope you like it. : )


The KI commercial was so 90s and cheesy but cool at the time. RARE did a great job with the snes conversion. It was heavily downgraded but it never took away the KI feeling! :wink: I always thought the commercials were more creative back then. . .


Oh yeah, I sure DO remember that classic KI commercial for the Super Nintendo way back in the early to mid-90s

DUDE!! That was awesome!

the Darksiders trailer…that was Mourmont from Game fo Thrones!!! Damn! Is that an old game or newer? It looked cool!! is it a good game???

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Yes! You should play Darksiders 1 and 2.

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Darksiders is only a couple years old, granted it looks like a PS2 game.

Man I seen it on the Xbox store…it just released a couple days ago. Looks a lot like Dante’s Inferno and God of War…I’m hoping it plays similar to those? If so I’m definitely getting it!

I love Dante’s Inferno…one of the best games ever!

Should I get on PS4 or Xbox one?

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@fall you can get darksiders on ps3/pc/360 as well. For what platform to get it on then get it on the 1 you mosty play on or get on both.

Darksiders 1 released 1/5/10
Dante’s inferno released 2/4/10

I don’t care what you should get last gen or next gen. But Darksiders 2 deaththinitive edition is better, because you can get free whole DLC.

And… I still waiting for Nordic and Gunfire make Darksiders 3.

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You sound like PC master race…

Thanks guys! I guess I will get on the PS4 since i Just got the console last night and I have plenty of room on it! My Xbone is full! lol I dont have any games on the PS4 since I just got it for SF5

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Nope, I don’t own a single PC game. Also as a side note, I have beaten Darksiders 2 and it is one of my favorite games in recent years. I just think that the graphics looked sub par then and they look sub par now, though the art direction is great.