KI little tourney in Argentina

You see, there’s a little tournament coming to my city, it’s all about fighting games. Xbox doesn’t get too much love in my country (not like Playstation) but the organizers will bring Killer Instinct. I’m spreading the voice between KI players in my country so we can be enough to play and give a good show. I would love the KI community to grow in my country so I’ll be there to participate and also will talk about the forums (I even got some Gears of War players into playing Instinct LOL). I also post Infilament’s great guide and many other KI’s tutorials for anyone here that wants to learn. I’m really excited about this. Lets hope the tournament gets people attention, and KI gets more love here, because it’s a wonderful game =)

I’m pretty sure that when the game launchs in PC will also grow the player base here.

Just a notice and I’m really excited to finally be able to be part of this. I’m training to play and hope I give a nice challenge or at least have fun, and also teach the basics to anyone interested to play this game.
I hope to get far! XD This will be my first tournament in fighting games, and I waited very long to play one.

Last years the game was still fresh and people didn’t know it much, so we couldn’t do a tournament. But I’m looking forward that this year will be possible.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all! See you around =D


The best of luck for that tourney, my friend. I hope you have a great turn-out and maybe a set-up to record and post the matches here? :smiley:

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Thanks! would love to =D Now I’m practicing.I really need it, lol.

Good luck! I hope the scene continues to grow!

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Good luck.

May the manuals , breakers , counter breakers and shadow counters be with you .

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Good luck and I hope you guys have a blast! If you guys stream, it would be nice to get the link to tune in. If not, I hope you post some matches on the tubes.

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