KI Keeps Crashing

After the update a day or two ago, KI keeps crashing. It crashed 3 times last night within 1 hour, and twice this morning already within 30 minutes or so… Running in on the X1X. Tried with and without my external HDD. Using a wired elite controller like always.

Was really going for top 32 this month but can’t right now and not too thrilled about it…

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Had three crashes in a row during ranked matchmaking on win10. Game just freezes and all I can do is exit with alt+f4.

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Is it crashing randomly, mid-match, etc?

More info would help me out a bunch. <3

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it was just me had 3 crashes today, playing on a X
During matchmaking

I’ve had it crash mid match. I’ve had it crash while waiting for a match. When it crashes at the waiting for a match screen, the screen freezes and makes this horrible screeching noise before closing out.


It happened to me once the opponent was found. One game worked, the other would crash. This happened about four times or so the other night. Last night I didn’t have any issues, so not sure if it was just that one day or not.

The last 2 nights in a row since he made this post KI has ran perfectly for me. No lag, no crashes, notta…everything is fine over here.

Yeah I can’t repro either. I’ve tried CPU vs CPU, exhibition, ranked, etc. I can’t narrow it down and we haven’t changed anything so I’m at a loss. :confused:

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If it happens again, I will provide explicate details about the occurrence. It caught me off guard last time, so I have no records or information other than that one instance about two days ago.

That’d be much appreciated!

I even won this one on accident. I’m so sorry for all the button mashing you encountered, mr opponent. :joy:

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Yes I should have mentioned! It would always crash on me while searching for a ranked match…

It’s crashed for me a few times too. Mid game.

I am only crashing now while participating in the KI Game Hub tourney’s. First, I’ll get the “Multiplayer” issue trying to load the lobby, then while trying to load the lobby again, it crashes. It happened to the 4 of us that were in a party. Couldnt load the lobby for the Finals match…bummer, 2nd place.

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Also, let’s distinguish “crash”. By crash, I mean the game freezes, makes a constant loud buzzing noise, and force closes back to Home…