Ki just keeps getting better

Finally had a chance to sit down with the game after the gargos update and i am blown away by his implementation. Gargos feels like the boss character he should be. Also, I decided turn back on the lvl4 enders just to see how his looked and found the camera transition to be very smooth and nicely done. I turned these off early in season 3 as I found them to be very wonky and cool only in concept. after being pleased with gargos lvl 4 i decided to try it out with everyone and wow, they are much improved across the board it seems. what was once jarring and off putting now seems to be a nice addition to the game. I recommend everyone that hated them in their initial state to give it another try, they look really cool now. the camera transitions are so flawless and have no impact on the flow of battle, major props IG. Lastly, running into mira in survival with her theme playing took so much sting off her not having her own stage, all I could do is smile. The guys at IG have my up most love and praise at the moment.

please give everyone a cinematic instinct activation, gargos and aria both look sweet and balltles feel so dramatic when it happens during a match. I can see using the same animations that are in place for other characters with tweaked camera angles working really well. while you’re at it, consider giving myra stage the shadow jago treatment with a night time variation for her sister mira. this can be done at little cost using the same lighting for shadow tiger lair and would also be very fitting for the character. thanks again for all your hard work.