KI is Ultra-Broken (Xbox One) 📉

Help! :expressionless:

Killer Instinct hasn’t been working well at all since yesterday for me and I’ve tried pretty much everything I could on my end; I’ve restarted the game and console (Xbox One) several times, but to no avail. Here are a few of the symptoms I am dealing with:

I cannot connect to any fights online. The spinner will spin forever…

The double XP indicator is gone.

The Store features the Christmas accessories, and it’s not working either.

I’d like to get back into the fight- do you have any suggestions, @snickerdoodle? Thanks a bunch! :cookie:


I’ve been noticing some issue getting games on Xbox, I was matched with the same person several times in ranked before I couldn’t find a soul.

Are you looking in Exhibition or Ranked? And are you searching the whole spectrum of ranges in Exhibition?

If you haven’t, can you try narrowing your search parameters a bit and try again?

They released a new update last week and it has pretty much broken the game. I’m experiencing my share of problems too. I really hope they fix it asap, cause I love KI and this is really inconvenient.

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No issues on my end… only the shinksako crash…and it now no longer crashes as i just selcted her this very monment and iM playing…so all is good on my end.

Hi @snickerdoodle!

Both modes fail to connect me to a fight, and I allowed the system to search the entire spectrum for a match. I can try narrowing it, and I’ll let you know if I have any luck.



PS. @Cabp15 Sorry to hear that you’re having issues on KI too; seems like I’m not the only one! Good luck, buddy!

Sure its not your ISP conection? Are you set to Open, med, or strict? Maybe reset your Modem

I’ve had no problems at all.

I did reset the modem/ router. My connection is open. I’ve just tested it. Really don’t know what the heck is happening. Thinking about reinstalling the game.

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I had the same issue during the weekend. Can’t test it right now

Ranked and exibition (all filters open), open nat, xbox one

No luck on my end- I’ve tried various search parameters in Exhibition, but it won’t connect me to other players anyone, and I even tried manually resetting my router just for giggles.

I should note that the daily rewards aren’t updating either…


I was about to reinstall the game and then o decided to delete my hisako shadow. I tried again and it worked. No clue at all. Apparently i can’t have a shadow. :confused:

I barely have issues as is.

My game seems to be working fine.

I just checked how KI is doing today, and I can add one more wonky piece of brokenness to the mix:

Shin Hisako is greyed out on the character select menu, and when I attempt to pick her, the game boots me to the Xbox Marketplace… :expressionless:

I wonder if the Shin Hisako “fix” broke my game?


I cant find any games I’m using a xbox one gonna try pc

Please be sure to share if you can actually find a fight online- I’m on day 3 with KI bugging out, and it stinks… :frowning:


Hey, man. I think there’s a problem with xbox live. Online matches are not available at the time. I just checked my network status. Take a look and report back if you get the same message.

You’re totally right on the money, @Cabp15! (Thanks for the head’s up!) :+1:t2:

I tried playing a few other games on Xbox Live yesterday, and the results were extremely poor- My games aren’t updating, I cannot connect to anyone for a meaningful game, and there was a brief moment when I encountered a single player in KI on Exhibition, and they instantly ran away! D’oh! :persevere:

Looks like the problem is certainly on the Xbox Live side. Day 4 and counting…


Hi guys ive been expirencing the same issues all week. Cant get any matches online in ranked. Shin Sako is also greyed out. All my other games are working fine online but i havent been able to rank at all since the last update. Tried reinstalling, hard resetting the xbox and my modem but no luck. Please help im dying over here