KI is DEAD zombie skins/shaders

I just had a neat idea…with all the negativity around KI and the widespread use of the KI is Dead misnomer, why don’t we embrace it and turn it on its head and make a skin/shader/color 11/12 set that either makes every character look like a zombie, or at the very least maybe give everyone a putrid greenish color akin Halo’s Infection flood color.
I know people like zombie versions of stuff, and this way it could possibly show KI’s more jovial side by poking fun at the negativity.

  • Sure, I like stuff, and I’d like more!
  • No “KI is Dead”. KI is dead.

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Deflecting negativity with humor works only when this negativity REALLY does not have any justification.

In case of people calling KI dead, they are not wrong.

Instead of bunch of skins what KI needs is ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶ an actual marketing.

Turning a blatant issue into humor instead of fixing it makes one look like idiot.

Considering the hundreds of people that still play KI every month, I’d like to know how you’ve come to the conclusion that KI is “dead”.

I think having zombie-themed skins would be fun, especially for certain characters. I’m all for it.

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When KI gets to where it takes 30+ min to connect to someone online, and it’s only ever the same 3 guys online, I will be inclined to agree. But since every time I get online I connect to a different player 95% of the time and the connection is near-instantaneous, I don’t.


Not only that, but I still know people who are playing SFIV. If a game remains fun, people will still play it.


Right. So exactly like this…

There’s only one person looking like an idiot that I can see…


No marketing such as when they used KI to advertise arena tournaments. No marketing when they constantly use KI to promote new features. No marketing when they made a season of the game free with gold twice!

Dead such as being able to find a match quicker than any other fighting game I play. Dead as in the Steam port just released with an influx of new players.


MS does not care to promote KI enough.

KI is irrelevant at competetive scene.

Few hundreds daily. Yay, its thriving.

Come at me and call me an idiot because I have unpopular opinion. I love KI but I see how it really looks.

Let’s see how many are playing right now:

So many that Steam can’t count it, for sure 110

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I’d rather have some real content that adds something to the game over adding something in just as a joke against the people who say KI is dead… KI isn’t dead. Despite what a small vocal minority may say. The only way to shut them up is with real, substantial content support. No more half arsed characters.


Yeah. More stuff like Eagle, less stuff like Kilgore and Shin Hisako.

What’s an expensive big marketing push going to do at this stage of the game? It’s four years old, it’s free to play on two platforms. It’s been games with gold twice and it’s a cheap package on steam.

Every one who has had an interest in it has already played it or at least tried it. The title has had 10,000,000 unique users and whether or not the majority of them only stuck around for one or two games, They’ve played it and creating a big marketing push all of a sudden isn’t going to bring them back.

I think it was a big mistake how they handled post season 3 content. No trailers for shin and Kilgore? A poor trailer for Eagle that was dull and showcased poor visuals (albeit with another great theme). Nothing for ultimates other than popping up on the official YouTube page? What a waste. But IF we did ever get a season 4 it’s going to come with a new trailer. Trailers for each upcoming character etc. Let alone if and when we get a sequel. As it is There’s nothing to market. I’m more than happy with how it’s handled up until post season 3.

I also hate hearing that Microsoft doesn’t care. I would only agree with that if they abandoned KI after the first season wrapped. Microsoft didn’t even HAVE to revive KI but look at where we are now. 3 seasons, figures, comics, on the stage at E3 and gamescom, pot bonuses, fight sticks, t shirts etc. Hats off to MS as far as I’m concerned.


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I’m not saying it’s something they should spend all of the KI team’s resources to implement. Hell, to think that something like this would take away from anything substantial is quite frankly an insult to the entire KI team’s talents. I’m just thinking it would be nice to have a little extra goody that would be both something different and poke fun at the haters.

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Let’s be real though. Sure I’d love it, give me as much content as possible. I want full on new costumes, new colours, new accessories. But we don’t get any of that so yes I’d say that adding some zombie skins is a substantial task. We only got one terror pack before they were done and that’s essentially a recolour.

Also, where’s the option in the poll “sure I want new content, don’t care for zombie skins”

False. They promoted it in a way you didn’t want them to. Making the game free with gold twice and promoting it with the arena tournament does way more than a multi-million dollar ad campaign would. Plus you are looking at the stats for Steam, let’s see in the last 10 minutes.

I don’t understand the language it’s in so I can’t say. It migth be that it only shows how many are playing on your friendlist. That or different regions. 229 is a decent amount though. Plus it’s in the middle of a work day which is pretty good. That’s not even factoring in the Xbox and Windows 10 playerbase.


Tekken has almost 3000 people playing right now.

SF5 has almost 1400

Even this corpse of a game MKX has 1100

MKX had catastrophical launch on Steam and everyone labeled this game dead and even WB/NRS led us thinking so. It got MKXL update 7 months later, but I saw articles in gaming sites, even Polish ones where FGC does not exist, and now it has stable playerbase despite being 2,5 years old.

KI got not a single word for Steam port, and you are telling me 229 players is decent.

Oh yeas. a 4 year old game being compared to more recent games. Of course the playerbase is lower. Yet somehow, I find matches way faster in KI. Comparing the playerbase of a game to other games isn’t a valid way of saying if a game is dead or not. Compare it on its own merits.


What has quick finding matches to do with amount of people playing?

I also find Soundy44 and discobobuwhatever dudes quick in ranked.

a multiple times in a row.

I once encountered Valoraxe in ranked over 10 times in a row, no kappa. But it was quick so there must be thousands of players.


…did you honestly just screen shot your friends list, though…

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Yeah, I have also 2648 friends who play Tekken 7 -.-

Have you ever used Steam before?

Ah, it’s the first page of the community hub, the language threw me at first, but you’ve only actually screen shotted your 4 friends that do play there as it seems KI doesn’t work with Steamworks, which provides the data on player numbers, hence why it listed zero as the number of players online, it’s still not accurate nor representative of any real data, however. As @Sasuke99I said, real numbers are here:-