KI is buggy since 3.6 launch

Since Feb. I’ve had nothing but problems playing KI on Xbox One (specifically online play). Since 3.6 update, it can take me 3 to 5 minutes loading the game, and I keep getting, “Unable to Sync with Ultra Tech Database” errors. I can ask it to wait and it take forever, or skip it and the game will eventually load. When I play online matches in Ranked or whatever my matches constantly lag out especially during heavy effects laden matches. While, as a Sadira main, I’m used to getting a lot of RQs I know a lot of people aren’t rage quitting on me. The match just ends. Sometimes it will say I need to check my network connections, but they are fine. All other online games work great. KI works fine on PC, although I’ve found that it seems to take a bit longer to find a match.

Also, I keep getting notices about winning matches for disconnects when I haven’t even played or if the match ends normal. I’ve been put on Probation and the next match be removed from Probation, win legit, and get a probation warning.

Also during matches on Xbox One, my inputs keep getting reversed. If I hold down/back for instance, it showing that I’m holding down/forward. I do the input for Shadow Blade Demon, and I get Shadow Web Cling. I can jump on PC and don’t have the issues. I don’t generally like playing on my small monitor though.

Is anybody else having these issues?

Do I need to uninstall KI off my Xbox One? Clear all my saved data? I dunno. Right now, the game is virtually unplayable online, at least on Xbox One.

I have been noticing more bugs as of late but most of them are small non game breaking bugs or glitches such as

  • Hisako standing backwards when you end her ultra at a certain time

-TJ Combo’s ultra pushing the opponent to the opposite end of the screen

  • A shadow move that is stuffed in startup sometimes causes the screen to turn grey

But other bugs I’ve encountered are more of an issue like

  • Hisako’s body disappearing at the start of a match

  • A bat from Mira’s wall splat ender missing the opponent and seeking them until it hits and THEN causes the wall splat

  • Enders whiffing and causing me to get punished for ending a combo

On the reversed inputs thing, I do have this happen to me on occasion but just slowing down your inputs and making sure you take the time to make them as clean as possible should help eliminate the issue. I do get that having this be an issue at all is really annoying though.

It’s just odd doing a QCF move and get a QCB instead. It’s usually fine until I get crossed up and then I have to block by holding FORWARD. This was supposed to be fixed and it was for the most part until 3.6. In truth, until a resolution is found, I probably won’t be playing KI that much.

If it is something buggy on my end, I don’t mind uninstalling it, as long as I don’t have to wipe my entire save file, like I did the last time I had a game breaking bug. I never had so many people report me as cheating when my level 1 Sadira was destroying them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This usually happens for me when I try to do a QCB and the game takes it as a double QCF motion , so if I play a character with a DP sometimes DPs come out that I don’t want and I end up getting punished for it :expressionless:. I don’t know how this reversed input thing came about but it can be a real issue sometimes.

I’m also finding that the game is freezing and becoming unresponsive in non-ranked offline matches. :frowning:

I’m probably going to uninstall the game tonight and have it reinstall the next day while I’m at work.

Granted I could just play on PC, but my computer, while nice, isn’t anything top of the line, but anything is better than having nothing but broken matches and such.

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