KI is about Interaction of the two players, can we make this level of interactions better?


HI to every one. first i want to say to all the players/members who read this , read it till the last point before reply. I Just want to share some ideas i have about the elements of KI and how can we make/use , if possible , those elements to make a better KI , KI is really great already but i think that still can be more KI , interactive, fun , intense competitive AND BALANCED. Maybe my ideas like they are here now ,are not possible to implement in the game but also maybe the concepts or some parts of this could be used,

Shadow counters: This element is a really good one that if used properly can help us to get out from some situations. Rigth now i think many players dont use it a lot because is not so easy to watch the sequences of hits and also even using it properly it can be stopped by ligth hits in some situations, this makes you to loose a full bar and i think this is why must people don’t use shadow counters so often…

I think this element can be better, more relevant to the mechanics if we could use it even if there is no previous attack similar to parries but still using some resources , not the full blue bar but 50% or maybe 25% of a blue bar. This will make the shadow counters more relevant to the game and also will increase footsies still keeping the KI approach. what is The price of missing a shadow counter ? Just like now you are open for the same period it is now. If something like this is some day in the game, maybe the requirements to fill a blue bar should be a lower , i mean the bars should be easier to fill.Also if we execute it right it should hit on the opponent no mater how many recovery frames has the countered hit and maybe the damage should be a little bit lower.

Combo Breaking System : This is the biggest Trade mark of KI, the possibility to come out of a combo and restart the battle . In this New KI is taken to a higher level giving the attacker the possibility of maintain the advantage position of be doing a combo by countering a combo breaker in a really high risk/high reward action, giving this game a really high come back factor unique to KI mechanics. However , The lock out system, wich is a important aspect of the combo breaker system , IMO, can be better, HOW?. Here is my view.

On yellow lock out which is caused for a out of time breaker intent not for bad reading on the hit or o autos, if you have one full blue bar you could us it to do what we could call a super breaker or shadow breaker, on red lock out wich is caused for a bad reading to do the super breaker you need 2 full blue bars.This super breaker should look like a regular breaker but with multi hits ( similar to ki2 when you had performed at leas 4 breakers) an also maybe this could inflict some damage , like 50% or 30% of a throw should be good, **the super breaker , like the regular breakers cant kill . The attacker can counter super breakers just like a regular combo breaker , with a counter breaker , high risk high reward , no bars or resources needed. This will make the meta game even better and also make the comeback factor more intense, because of the meta game that implies to know that even if you get a lock out your opponent could or could not defend if he has the resources.

Thanks for your time reading this . And thanks ( to IG MS) to make this game so good and unique. I really like what is KI now. Fun , Intense , Balanced and Competitive.

I’m going to disagree with your idea simply because it’s far too easy to get shadow meter and to break things as is without your proposal. Trying your idea, while sound as far as I can tell, will simply make things more complicated, which is what the devs are actually trying to avoid. Just my 2 cents…

OK …

I get your point. Thanks for your Reply.

Interesting ideas, I think there would be some character balancing issues initially. First off poor hisakos uniqueness of having a parry would go out the window since everyone would have one, this would be an indirect nerf to her. Secondly as was noted shadow meter comes easy for many characters so the amount of breaking could become obnoxious perhaps a more hardcore approach of needing full meter to do it would be that happy medium. However, this of course would be a massive nerf to fulgore who doesn’t come by meter nearly as well as other characters, similarly it would be a nerf to most characters who don’t have battery enders. And on the flip side it would probably be a pretty big buff to omen who has all battery enders.

Interesting ideas but there would def have to be a lot of consideration in regards to character balancing in order for it to be implemented.

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I agree in some of your opinions.
a lot of balancing issues. To apply some of this ideas properly.

Thanks for your reply.

I want a character that can parry. As in 3rd strike parry. It does use some meter/pips or his own unique meter but I think the hype of someone parrying a shadow into a combo woild be awesome.

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