KI is a Mess

I don’t know about others, but I’ve become so frustrated with KI that I’ve decided to completely cut ties with the game, at least until they fix some major bugs. Online simply isn’t fun. I’m not gripping about balance, but since 3.9 almost every other match I play is either laggy, out of sync, or straight up ends.
Here’s my list of broken stuff…

Syncing with Ultra Servers always fails at start up.
Shadow Lords or anything Shadow stalls and crashes the game here and there.
Playing offline matches sometimes crashes the game.
If I make it to Ranked and actually get a Ranked match, I’ll play a few great matches and then things go to pot. You can’t tell me that over half the US and abroad has terrible internet. It isn’t mine. I can launch any other game and not have issues with online modes.
Also, I STILL can’t use the L Trigger (the three kick button button) as enabling it causes it to override all other buttons. This isn’t a controller issue as it hasn’t worked on two different Xbox Consoles, and six controllers including two Xbox Elite Controllers. (this issue started after the Aria patch and has never been resolved.

I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game (I’ve uninstalled it again).
I’ve already completely wiped out ALL of my saved data.

Nothing has resolved these issues.

At this point I honestly don’t know what to do. I DO have KI installed on my Windows 10 PC, and I’ll try it sometime later to see if it works any better, but honestly, my days on Xbox are sort of done, until some of these issues (the ones that keep crashing the game) are fixed.

i hope they are aware this issues. i saw many people complain about that but they said when steam-KI comes [no clear date] they will give 3 free characters to DE owners probably a little bit small patch includes to fix this issues.

I certainly hope so. I love KI, but at the moment it’s just REALLY glitchy.

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Sorry to hear that, man. I haven’t had any issues with KI on my XB1, so hopefully they can get your issues sorted out quickly.

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Im curious why you’re not playing on PC to begin with as i understand it’s superior to the console in a lot of ways…

The only reason I haven’t was that I need to fix Win 10’s network settings as the last time I played KI on PC it took 20 min to find a match.

I’d just like to add in Shadow bounty duplication, which have been stopping me from playing one of my favourite game modes for a while now. :confused:

Reporting this in the bug thread instead of making a new thread titled “KI is a mess” would probably have a better look, just saying…


I remember you mentioning this a long time ago but has it ever happened to anyone else? Issues shouldn’t carry over across consoles and controllers, let alone for only one person.

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It has never made sense to me. The only thing I can think of is a profile issue. I guess I could create a new profile to test it out.

i would create a new profile. If that doesnt work then something is wrong with your controllers or the Xbox unit itself which is highly unlikely.
Im not dismissing your issues…but Ive never had any issues that you speak of.
Lagg is going to happen…you cant truly prevent it.

Yeah, as soon as I heard about this, I stopped playing Shadows completely, which is unfortunate, as I loved this mode. I’d already slowed down on it for a while, but this drove me away from it completely as I wait for it to get fixed.

It’d also be nice to manually remove bounties, especially those that can’t be fought.

What is that bug? I am trying to get that Hatchery III “was told it was fixed :smile:” I don’t want to try if something is going to go wrong.

I am sorry to hear that you stopped playing SL mode. I have been hoping that you did it. Got all of the dossiers.

Oh no, I still play Shadow Lords, I just don’t play Shadows anymore. Ya know, the mode where you take a character and fight other people’s AI to create your own AI and they fight yours and what not, etc. It’s a good mode, although it’d be nice if there was more in the way of rewards beyond the shadow skins, but right now it’s got some issues that make it so I don’t want to go in and play it.

As for Shadow Lords, I still have most of Eagle’s dossiers left, but that’s it. Everything else is done. As much as I play as Eagle though, and as many times as I fight Eagle in Shadow Lords, I think I’ve only been able to get one or two dossiers to drop, which is kinda frustrating, but ah well… Gotta keep trying! :grinning:


To answer your question, I’ve actually HAVE posted all of these problems at various times in the “proper” thread, but none of these issues I’ve had have been resolved via the various patches.

My title, “KI is a Mess” is in my opinion the best way I can describe my entire problem, as it is a mess, as I can’t really play online nor offline matches without the game crashing, freezing…

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btw can you guys release the steam version please !!! @developers @rukizzel

For future reference fam: Tagging @ developers and then Rukari is essentially tagging all of them and then Rukari twice.

more notification makes him happy like yaaaaaaaaay Kappa

They are aware of issues, its been like this all around since they opened up steam side for beta testing.
Everyone is having issues with each steam side update.
Please be allow them to fix issues.

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Also last night about 50 of us in streams / streaming all ouur games crashed & couldnt play after 9pm cst but they were others still on streaming like lcd etc.
My only explanation is steam testing. We know it created issues at begining.

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