KI Group Clan

Hey i just got an idea to make a group clan for training and level up purposes, we will go over matchups strategies for each match up and try to go out to offlines to destroy everyone. The clan will be AEx (Assassins Eternal) message me for details if no mic we will use chat text. GT: AEx Scryxcho Games: Guilty Gear, Skullgirls, MKX, KI are the games i will be recruiting and leveling up in. Mainly KI/MKX until i can get something going in the anime games. This is mainly just to help people find a group to play with a have serious competiton and learn intermidiate fighting skills.

Requirements: At least complete dojo mode, Killer Title, And have basic understanding of fighting game fundamentals frame data, crossups, whiff punishment etc. You will understand all this after complete dojo mode. Also when u add me put me in favorties

I am eligible. Can’t change my Gt though. Only KI.

Thats ok add me and ill ft to test ur skill

Best out of what?


Nah, I let go of clans a long time ago, but I wouldn’t mind playing you sometime!

Ok cool just add then