KI Gold / Premium Costumes


I have some questions about premium costumes and KI Gold, please answer if you can.

1 - Can you earn / unlock these premium costumes by playing?

2 - If not, how much will all of the premium costumes cost for all eight characters and will the 18000
KI Gold cover the cost for all eight characters/premium costumes if you buy the Ultra Version or if you will have to purchase more KI Gold down the road?

3- Why did Microsoft decide not to give season 1&2 owners a $5.00 discount like they did for pre-ordering/purchasing season 2.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Please respond @rukizzel if you would be so kind.

Thank you kindly.

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I would like an answer for number 3 as well.

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This why I thought the write up or blog would come in handy. Seems to be a lot of confusion.