KI GOLD, need help

Hey guys, i’m new on KI, i downloaded the game 4 days ago and just bought KI Supreme Edition on PC, and i saw that i got 18k of gold, i bought some accessories for Gargos and i used almost 2k.

Today i wanted to buy a Hisako costume and i saw that i have 0 gold. Then i go to the store and i read the text: “18k for a limited time”…WTF

i have spent $50 on the game, gimme the gold permanently, or if you don’t want gimme 10k or something…

i’m a noob on the game i recognize it, i didn’t see the text “LIMITED TIME” or even put a clock below the gold where it indicate how much time, hour, days or weeks left to end to use the gold.

i’m very dissapointed with that, maybe it was my fault but i didn’t have the support to know that, well…thank you if you read this and sorry if i offended someone with this post or my english.

The offer was for a limited time. You will still have your KI Gold. There is an issue going with some people’s Gold that was supposed to have been fixed yesterday.