Ki figures status update and future?

So far I have all the figures and they are amazing hisako is a little weak and they had to replace her once, but other than that they are amazing. I do wish they were more like figures and had full articulation but beggars can’t be choosers. My question is what’s taking spinal so long to release?
Also my biggest worry as a guy who is a big collector and completionist I hate hate hate when lines get cancelled and don’t finish. How are sales on this line? Do I have anything to worry about because I’m already invested and would hate not to be able to finish the whole roster.

I believe Spinal and 9" Jago come out this month. At least Spinal will. I would expect something to be said during Evo. There’ll be another panel there, and if it’s anything like last year…they will show some more stuff or have more news. Trust me, as probably the most insane collector regarding KI, i’m on the edge of my seat for more! All I ask, is please…for the love of god…don’t have any KI stuff at Evo that’s exclusive to those who attended Evo.

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