KI/FGC Podcast

Although I lurk the forums and the subreddits, i’d still enjoy getting or listening to any FGC news on the go. Is anyone aware or can recommend any podcasts that relates to fighters?

On youtube there’s the Netherkast, but they focus mainly on Mortal Kombat, however, lately they have slowly expanded to comics too. ^^

Sweet, i’m terrible at MKX but i’ve always enjoyed the twitch streams. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks. :slightly_smiling:

DailyDot is good. They do an FGC podcast; Tuesdays at 6pm central time. They cover Smash and other Esports. They also upload their videos to YouTube. They had Keits on there around the KI World Cup.

ATP (AvoidingThePuddle). Funny streamer in general. Plays all types of games. He hosts a podcast on Thursdays at 10pm central time (ATP Live)

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Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, dude! :slightly_smiling:

There’s a podcast called Double Tap, and they do an episode at the beginning of each month. They’re the only audio only podcast, aside from the Counter Breaker podcast that talks about KI, that I know of.