KI fans supporting each other

I don’t know how many of you guys are on the facebook page, but I wanted to highlight one of the coolest things I have seen this community do for those of you who are not. Those of you who are on there will know who/what I’m talking about.

There is a guy who has been in that group since the game came out, but hasn’t been able to get an XbOne for various reasons. He’s loved the game, watched every major on twitch, etc. He even had a main (Orchid), and he never played the game.
Some of the guys had been telling him to set up a gofundme so we could help him get an XbOne and the Complete edition of KI. He finally did it and the page raised all of the money needed in 2 hours. 2 FREAKIN HOURS.
He got the game, got the Xbox, and has been playin pretty much nothing but KI since he got set up. He has been playing in lobbies with the guys, playin ranked, and he’s learning the ins and outs of the game pretty quickly. He got into Killer in ranked, and, if his current play is anything to go off of, we might have a new 8-Bit contender in the future.

Just wanted to highlight another awesome example of how the community helps out our own. If you have one please post it here, just to kinda get a feel-good thread going about the community


I don’t have a Facebook account, but I love stuff like this. If anyone doesn’t have the means to play this game I’d gladly help.

I’ve never been to the FB page. Please link it so I can check it out! :smiley:

I know what @Frodo54 is talking about. I sometimes lurk at the KIUF Facebook Page from time to time, and I was happy that, with the everyone’s help, he got his wish

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It’s a closed group, but I can send you the link so you can request to join

A closed group? Um, that sounds unofficial… And counter-intuitive to helping the community grow. I thought you were talking about the official FB page (if there is 1) or something. Still, I’m certainly open to looking into it. Link away!

This is why I love this community. We really are like family, no matter what people say.



I deactivated my FB awhile back, never really found a good use for it. I prefer Twitter, but an official community YouTube channel would be nice as well.

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Yeah, it’s unofficial, but it’s only closed because they were getting stupid hate from people who weren’t in the group.

that’s the page. Bass is really active on it

Yeah, Kenneth has been a super fan for a very long time. It’s been very satisfying to watch him go from wanting to play, to playing to becoming Killer status. I love stuff like this. It’s like the guy who got an Xbox and the game on the forums here from MS themselves. This community is amazing <3


I’m In That Group. He’s A Cool Dude & I Think It’s Cool That The Community Supports.

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thats great for this kenneth dude you all speak of! its good to see fresh blood enter the arena and do well, lets welcome him with many ultras, combo and counter breakers lol. this community is definitely one of the better ones ive been apart of and has been very helpful in teaching me to level up my game as well

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@GalacticGeek the fb page is amazing its rabbid too! So many posters and lots of passion for KI. You def need to check it out! Even though its closed its super amazing.

Oh ken finfally got one!! Thats amazing! That kid is a crazy but hes lovable! Pleasedhe can finally play.

@frodo could you isolate the post where he got one and link it to me so i can mail it to Phill Specner. He loves stuff like kinda stuff?

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I’m on mobile atm, I’ll find it for you tonight. Do you want the original gofundme or the one where he actually got it

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Awww! K that’s awesome! Love it when communities come together!

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Lets do both ill DM him the screen grabs or somthing. Its good to let him know that this community is so important to xbox and that we support each other

Nice thread! I must add ken when i get time to check fb again.

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Not sure if this is had been posted here, but there’s another person that we must support, and this time it’s ShinkuHadoken. During the weekends, he lost something precious to him, so as a community, we have to help