KI Exclusive Accessories

This is likely redundant but is there a way to get the exclusive accessories ?

I have the wulf xmas antlers and rudolph antlers as well as Combo’s santa hat but not the orchid colors. They just appeared one day.

Someone mentioned shadow lords opens some of the exclusive stuff but is that true now that you can get the definitive edition?

Second question: Are there any differences between the steam version and the PC?

The Steam version won’t have access to some of the special items and accessories, while the windows 10 store version is I think essentially the same as your xbox version, and I think if you bought it once for the xbox, it may already show up on the as purchased for the windows 10 store. That version should also do a first time check to see if you have a gamertag and will link up your xbox progress with it so it’s basically like account migration. Your progress on one counts towards both of them.

The steam version is it’s own beast I do believe, and unfortunately, your progress, unlocks, and extras will not carry over. Further, the ranked for the steam version is not crossplay with the xbox version. If you wanna play an xbox player using the steam version, you have to go to lobby or exhibitions.

If you buy the definitive edition it should unlock a LOT of the extra content. However, if you play the basic versions or just have the seasonal character packs, then there are ways of earning some of the other stuff without having to spend extra, and you can see your progress towards those unlocks by looking at the shadow lords progress bar in the shadow lords menu for special unlocks you can earn.

Finally, the steam version has no access to the color 10 (and sometimes color 11) costumes offered for certain characters. The reason being is the codes required to get these special colors are locked to the xbox platform. Also, the way to get these codes now is near impossible, as the number of codes made were finite, and have NEVER been made readily available. Most of them were supposed to accompany the Killer Instinct toy line, but only the first wave of them were ever sold. The second wave never came out and as such, the corresponding special colors for those characters were even harder to get, being they were usually giveaways by special people in the know or possession of them on twitter. There is a streamer on twitch who still gives one or two out from time to time for watching his streams, but last I know, he was running low on every one of them.

So it really depends on what accessory or color you’re wanting. Depending on what it is, it’s most likely still possible to grab, while some…well, you’ll probably find Atlantis before you find a code for one of them.

As usual, excellent response. Thank you.