KI Elite controller components

I thought these came out on the 22nd how come no store has them where can I get them?

Seconded. Some indication of whether and how these will be available outside of the GameStop preorder that ran its course would be appreciated. In my case international availability would be preferred, though I get that limited runs of things often can’t make it overseas. @rukizzel

Looking at Gamestop’s website I see them listed, so grab them while you can. There’s a reason I put a sense of urgency keyword in every post…because things sell. Sometimes faster than one would hope.

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Yeah I keep going to there website but it say there unavailable I can’t put them in the cart I’ve even went to the power A website and it took me to the game stop website

When I posted they were available. Keep checking. Holiday season is tough, for sure!

So @rukizzel come to find out theses were never even released in stores wth how can I get them if there where never released? Did they not have enough preorders or something?

Update so I contacted gamestop corporate office and got some info about the component kit they say it will not be released on gamestop website until 19 of December 2016.