Ki down?

My game keeps saying it fails to sync the dlc then freezes. Help?


mines locked content on load unable to resync dlc content - then locks out all characters

So I’m guessing yes

Seems to be fine on Xbone. PC is still not listing my characters either. Can’t do my frame data mining. :frowning2:

I’m on Xbox :frowning:

I did a full restart of my system, then opened it back up. It still said that it couldn’t load dlc content, but I hit Continue and I still had access to everything.

This happened to me yesterday. I did a full restart of my Xbox One and it fixed it until this afternoon. Several full restarts later, it is still doing it. If I press B to continue, everything appears fine on my Xbox One. On PC however, I can only play as RAAM. :frowning:

Just checked twitter. They are working on it.

Yep got this all tonight it plays but season 3 isn’t showing at all!!!

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Me and my friend both got this error earlier today on PC… but all my content is fine except my Ki gold is at 0… along with my friend. But we were still able to play online.