KI Definitive Edition not listed correctly on UK Amazon store

There’s an item in the store for the Definitive Edition but it’s not titled correctly and it’s marked as ‘unavailable’:

UK Amazon Store Page

I feel like KI is missing out on pre-orders and potential sales due to this issue and I’d like it not to.

I’ve had to pre-order from instead. A store I’d normally never purchase games from. Additionally; according to the site they’re not shipping any copies of the Definitive Edition until the 27th of September which confuses me as I understood there was a global release of the 20th of September which the UK MS store does stick to:

UK Microsoft Store Page

It’s not out yet though. Why would it matter?

Edit: Nevermind, you mean by pre-ordering it…

Okay so the release date has come and gone (unless there was a separate UK release date announcement that I was unaware of - googling tells me only the 20th) and Amazon UK still isn’t being stocked by Microsoft/Amazon directly. It’s all scalpers trying to charge people £50+ ($60+) for the Definitive Edition. I tweeted @KillerInstinct and got nowhere. What now?