KI dead? Pshh, we just gettin’ started [Road to Top 100 ep. 2]

Here we go guys!

So my buddy Raul Ntrtanment Junky is documenting his journey from “whats a quarter circle?” to top 100 Killer ranked. Can he do it? Is this even possible?

Come find out with us!

Don’t really give that much a ■■■■ about raul’s KI life? Come in for the jokes and personality!

Do you just hate this show, KI, Latinos or people who put themselves out there and try having a little fun?

Just know that you are loved.

You are loved.

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In today’s episode, What’s the best fighting game out today?

Shadows and shadow coutners, whats the deal?

The legend of combo breakers!

Combo versus counter breakers, and how KI is basicalyy lightning Poker.

And much more sillyness abound

Thank you for watching!


Nice! keep these up!


Eh hate to say it but I believe its dead…

Sure, if u consider newer games from more established franchises have taken over game slots at fighting game tourneys. But you gotta be kidding me if you think it’s dead, in terms of getting games online and finding decent competition. If you need help with the latter, I’d be glad to help you with that!

For the former, go compete at combo breaker, Texas showdown, ceo, or the ki world cup.

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Tbh, I’m finding more games on KI than mvci on Xbox. I picked up KI again because I got tired of waiting for matches and there not being any lobbies available in MVCI. :man_shrugging:

Either way, I’m still having fun with KI. Support us! Leave a comment, like and SUBSCRIBE! Recording and editing these guys is really time consuming, and we’re just making them out of love and passion for KI.

If you really think it’s dead, help us pump some life back into it :slight_smile:


If it ain’t on ps4 mvci wont get much play.

Thanks letalis :slight_smile:

Do me a solid and like/comment/sub, big fan :slight_smile:

Lol. MVCI is dead.
There hasnt been any new news for this game for almost 2 years lol. I still play online but the scene is dead.

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“The scene” is nothing but a bunch of kids that get together and talk about what’s dead and what’s trendy.
KI is not dead and KI is so far above being trendy and your so called scene.

If KI is dead then why are you posting on a dead forum site? :wink:

After trying GG and DBFZ I got that itch to go back and play KI because is so much better in everything I can think of, but DBFZ is a dream of a lifetime so I’m sticking with it for some more time. I’m happy to know that the online is still alive and well.

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