KI dead? Pshh, we just gettin' started [Road to Top 100 ep. 1]

Hey Fellas!

My friend and I are doing a VLOG about him (who has never played a fighting game before) going from “whats a quarter circle?” to Top 100 killer ranked in KI,

If you are already pro, there’s also plenty of jokes and personality =)

If you’re not really feeling that, you could still support us and KI by liking or subscribing =)

We’re planning on uploading KI content every wednesday.

Honestly, i jumped on MVCI played it to death. Got DBFZ, playing that one a lot atm but honestly, KI is still my favorite one and will be playing it for years to come. There’s nothing in those games that comes close to the satisfaction of landing a perfect counter breaker lol.

Any notes on the show? Something you’d like to see or ideas that will make it better? let me know!

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