KI crashes at "Checking DLC" when connected to internet (Xbox one)


Since the Raam patch I’ve had the same problem. I start KI, everything seems okay until it gets to press menu to start. I press the button, it says “Checking DLC”, and then it crashes.

Here’s an odd thing. I tried to play it offline, and it worked. Only the S1 characters. I went back online, downloaded all the other characters, and it crashed at “checking DLC” again. I disconnected and it worked offline.

I just can’t seem to get the game to work when it’s connected to the internet. Here’s what I’ve tried.

1: Hard Reboot
2: Reinstall. (Deleting everything except the save data)
3: Deleting, hard reboot, THEN reinstalling.

Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks for your time.