KI crashes after connecting to ranked matches

I’ve been having this problem for weeks now…every so often I stream KI on xplit and I get a few ranked matches. However, lately, the game crashes and immediately quits when I am about to get a ranked match and sent to the character select screen. I have a very strong connection (400mb download and 40mb upload), running xsplit with the latest update, nvidia titan xp is up to date, ran through numerous forums to fix the problem but still experience crashes even when I’m not streaming. uninstalled and reinstalled the game, checked for bad sectors, tried quick restores to see if recent apps and software might be causing problems. anyone out there know of any solutions?

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Same here. I can only play at most 2 ranked matches before the game crashes. Then I’ll get back on & it tells me that I left the match & receive a loss for it…even though the game crashes either right before or after a match, never during one.

Also I’m locked out of my daily logins & my Shin Hisako is gone from the roster.

There’s a bug hurting the game and they are working on a fix.